a post for mama

Because, well, it's Mother's Day. And I've rambled on about quite a few people on here except one of the most important ones. My mom. I debated if even starting this post was a good idea. It's certainly not easy to find the words to describe her.

Today is an emotionally charged Mother's Day for two really big reasons. Since most of you are my friends and family you know those. I'm mostly happy/thankful/blessed that my mom is here this Mother's Day. That she's healthy and smiling this Mother's Day. That alone makes it a pretty great day. 

But there's more. Because my mom is a pretty great mom. Again, words will fail me here. 

My mom is the youngest of three. She went to nursing school in Maine. She met my dad and informed him they would be married after a month of knowing him. They were married almost 34 years ago. That itself is pretty awesome. She stopped working when she had my brother. Her whole life became her children, one right after the other till there were four of us. Everything else was put aside. Her social life, her job, everything. She is the most selfless person I know. I know in my bones to this day she would do anything for us. Drive a forgotten lunch/uniform to school. Plant a pot of pansies. Watch the kids so I don't pull my hair out. Cook. Homeschool. Watch your sporting event. Sit on our beach towels to keep them safe while we play. Read your homework aloud. Clean up after your kids. Remember the details.  Miss out on the fun just to take care of something for us. Remind you to not forget something. Help help help. Little everyday things that all add up to wonderfulness. 

I talk to my mom several times a day. Now that she has an iPhone it's a lot more than that - thank God for unlimited texting. I call her to shoot the breeze about just about anything. This is where people say that their mother is their best friend. But I know she wouldn't like that. She's not my friend. She's my MOM. And to her being a mom IS what she's doing; it's just part of the job description. I spend more time with her than anyone outside of residents of this house. She knows what's going on with every day of my life. But she's not my equal, my pal; she's my role model. I respect her. I look up to her. I want to be a mom just like her, not changing a thing. My love for her grew another level when I too became a mom. I respect her more. I don't know how she did it. Four kids in the middle of nowhere in Maine. I thinks it's tough with two kids and my husband works out of the house and there's civilization. Go Mom!

Like I said words are failing today. I can't quite put it down right. My mom is a protective, loyal, loving, firm, patient, nursing, guiding, teaching, beautiful, funny, giving, smart woman. She is a wonderful wife and an even better mom. I am proud of her. I love her on this Mother's Day and every day. 

//my mom is the one on the left\\

//my dad may or may not have tricked her into believing he liked dogs\\

//on their wedding day\\

//my brother john with mom and her mom\\

//when things were slightly more peaceful\\

//beth is on the way\\

Fast forward some 20-odd years...

//my first mother's day with siblings and mom\\

//isn't she just beautiful?\\

//now she's stuck with all of us\\

Happy Mother's Day Mommy!