a day in the life of us

Warning: very photo-heavy post. And some more of that embarrassment I talked about earlier. Yikes. 

Today we were pretty psyched about the close to 80-degree weather. So we soaked it up like the true sun worshipers we are. Pools. Water tables. Beach chairs, etc. We took care of the rogue robin situation and the backyard was much more enjoyable afterwards.

We headed on over to Olsen East for some drinks and dinner. Boehringer's is the name of the game over in those parts. Letty threw rocks. D chewed on a straw. Normal night for us. Then I rammed the stroller into their screen door and put a nice sized hole in it. I am red-faced with shame. Note to self: look before taking stoller through doorway. Deep sigh.

I'll go drown my sorrows but here are some photos from our day.

//they look nothing alike\\

//twins in the clothes sense\\



//it's your typical fried food. the ice cream is where it's at\\

//all fun and games till a loud motorcycle comes by\\

//apparently matt's fav ice cream as a kid was lemon? so here she is.\\

//babies and beer cozies\\