why i'm here

I'm joining the ranks of bloggers everywhere. Obviously. But, why?!

It might be a nice way for me to document my life. Mother of two under three (yikes!) and all those antics, wife to one, drinker of wine, runner of miles, reader of books, wearer of leggings, etc.

It might be a nice way for me to have more of an identity than just that. I used to be other things.  I had a job outside of the home; I went places; I saw stuff; I travelled (sometimes pretty far); I wore really high heels.

It might be a nice way for me to become a part of this community that I've discovered recently that I think is just really really fun.

I don't have perfect grammar (obviously). I am sarcastic. I laugh at ridiculously silly things (poo mainly). I don't have a fancy camera. But I'll try this. Be kind please. :)

And if all else fails...blame Matt. He made me do it. After all isn't it always the spouse's fault?

Let's go!

//You'll find any nice photos on my blog probably came from Ashley.\\