who david is at 9 months

Count it. Baby D is 9 months old.

The pictures below pretty much sum up the life and times of David. Always moving. Red knees. Big belly. Chewing on the chair. Smiling. But here is a little more insight into what month 9 has brought Baby D (when do I stop calling him that?).

- Started eating people food. Fries. Pasta. Cheese doodles. Wipe that judgement off.
- Pulls himself up on everything. Your pants. Chairs. Tables. Windows.
- Wants whatever Letty has. In his mouth.
- Splashing/Dancing/Clapping
- On the rare occasion he is a crank my singing always cheers him up (I know. Blush). Preferably 'You Are My Sunshine' but 'Ho Hey' by The Lumineers will work in a pinch.
- Giggles like a mad man when you put lotion on after tubby. But this always happens.
- Wakes up and immediately smiles.
- Sleeps on his hands with his butt up in the air.
- Moved into the big kid car seat.
- Stands on chairs/Climbs up stairs.
- Talks when he crawls.
- Says dadadada all the time.
- Has a soft spot for my grandmother. They are kindred spirits those two.
- Escape artist. I'm talking move that chair/crawl through small openings type of thing.

Can't ignore the eldest I suppose. So while I'm making lists here we go. Letteria is 2 years and 8 months old. Besides a broken bone this month brings her:

- A continued love of all things Belle.
- Newly obsessed with the It's a Small World ride at Disney world and going down the rabbit hole on YouTube.
- Plays too roughly with D. Forced face plant into slate floor type play.
- No more naps! Earlier bed time!
- Loves 'Hoy Hey'. But only if you say I belong with Letty instead of You.
- Water coloring.
- Bubbles.
- Get that kid outside you better settle in for hours.
- Calls the swings kite. Because I have always sang Let's Go Fly a Kite while pushing on a swing.
- Ticks off a list of items using her fingers.
- Says 'and' like 'eh'.
- Salutes like a soldier.

Photo bomb time.

//same face. clearly.\\

//i shall call this: tubba wubba\\

And because 9 months seems so old for some reason I give you his one month picture as well. Otherwise known as Freddie Highmore: