the children are screaming

Matt has been real busy with work lately so I have been playing the role of crazed single mother. One I play well. To the real single mothers out there I have no idea how you do it. You deserve a cuddle.

Last night after dinner the poop hit the proverbial fan.

David cried for exactly 43 minutes. Crying while holding my leg. Crying while being held. Crying while sitting down. Crying while being fed a yogurt. Crying while getting a bottle.

It was one of those nights. One where things were going so well and then like a switch flipped... No more.

Then there was Letteria. I use her full name because well...You'll see. She was spitting on the floor. She was coloring on the wine crate. She was, and this one really hurts - ripping books (gasp!). Both kids going crazy at once.


So what did I do? Mommy put herself in time out. I mean that in the most literal sense. I went into the laundry room. Shut the door. Counted to twenty. Maybe more than once. I plugged my ears with my fingers. I took deep breaths. And then I sucked it up and walked back out into the madness.

My neighbor/best friend/super mom rescued me with the offer of a walk. The clouds parted and the sun came out.

Then they looked at me like this:

And just like that. The night switches right back to being alright again.

But still. Come 8:49 when both kids were asleep? Wine + Me = Friends.