sister going to the chapel

My baby sister is getting married in a few short weeks. And as the older sister with no job I have the fun task of planning said wedding. No sarcasm. Plus she's an accountant and it was tax season and I guess that means she's really busy and stuff.

This weekend is her bridal shower. It's going to be pretty awesome thanks to my mom's mad party planning skills. And I can blow up a mean balloon.

A little about my sister: she's smart. Like crazy smart. Like do math in your head oh I love numbers smart. She's the hardest worker I know besides our dad. This girl had some work ethic on her. This girl is responsible. Fiscally. Morally. Figuratively. She's been saving for her house (which she currently owns) since she was 16. It's kinda sick but also kinda remarkable. She can't make up her mind worth a damn. Except when it comes to her husband in which case she was steadfastly sure. Which is as it should be. She's a wonderful aunt. She tries to get them (especially Letty) to love her SO hard. She's persistent. She faints at the sight of blood. She might have fainted just reading that. You still with me B? She is quite sentimental. She does not like animals (amen). She watches out for my parents. I can sleep at night because she's there.

Six years younger, she's always been playing catch-up. From being able to wear my clothes, drive, listen to the same music/watch the same movies, be in high school/college, etc. she just quite can't get there. She got her license- I graduated college. I have endless days at home just when she was about to start interning. She graduated college - I was pregnant with my second. We just can't be in the same stage of life. Not quite yet. She is about to take one step closer. Now she's about to become a Mrs.

I always call her my best ever Christmas gift. December 21. Before she came along I was the middle child. I had nothing but brothers (Boys. Yuck). I was tired of playing Confederate vs. Yanks (always a Confederate I mean come on). I wanted dolls and dresses and pink. Then there came Beth. The poor thing didn't even know what hit her.

We may not always have a lot to say to each other... We may not be into the same things at the same time. And even though we are years apart I look up to her. I respect her and I'm proud of her. This girl is going places. She is such a beautiful bride. I went to her dress fitting the other day and wow. Colton is very lucky. I know I'm not mom but I do feel a certain maternal pride when it comes to her. I'll be needing a tranquilizer. Or at least a cuddle or something.

//the bride and groom\\

And can we please figure out a way to fatten Colton up? I mean come on.

p.s Sorry about your bathroom issues. I promise I won't potty train you ever again.

p.p.s Sorry if that embarrassed you.