routine. routine. routine.

It's a sickness. Admitting there is a problem is the first step to recovery. I have a problem. 

On Tuesdays I clean the kitchen. On Wednesdays I wash the towels and sheets and clean the bathrooms. On Thursdays I dust and I vacuum. 

One simply cannot leave papers on my kitchen table. 

I organize Letty's books by binding color in a ROY G BIV pattern. 

The pillows in my living room have to be oriented in a vertical pattern-never horizontal. 

I clean up toys 742864 times a day. You want to get your blocks out Let? Clean something else up first. I am a Toy Nazi.

My clothes are hung by color. And within color then by style. 

I take a screwdriver around the house and make sure all the screws on the switch-plates are vertical. Thanks for that dad.  

My bookshelves are organized by genre. 

My DVDs are separated into child friendly and adult (get your mind out of the gutter. By adult I meant not child friendly). Beyond that they are alphabetized. We have hundreds. There needs to be order. Otherwise DVD chaos would keep me up at night. 

The Hubs puts up with me. Laughs like the good natured fellow he is. When he hangs up the kid's bath towels and asks where does D's go? I laugh and say doesn't matter...he stops and stares at me dead pan until I mumble... On the right side....

You can imagine this poses some problems with two under three. Have I mentioned that's what wine is for??

p.s. The Hubs has to take his shirt off when he poops. No one is without their crazies.