on running

I would like to consider myself a runner, albeit a slow one. My story with running started many moons ago when I first moved to Pennsylvania. Gym class? What is this? I have to RUN A MILE?! I walked it. I think I might have crawled it because my time was something around the 12 minute mark. I hated 'the mile.' Dun dun dun. Torture.

Then I was in high school. My friend and I had this dumb idea get into our heads that we should try our hand at track and field. Previously a field hockey player I figured yeah I can run around a circle a few times. Up until this point I almost cried when I heard we had to run a loop around the fields that totaled one mile for field hockey practice. So track and field sounds logical eh? I am told I can hurdle (this is a lie). I may have have placed at a relay that year... I also may have quit mid-season the following year. A runner I was not. 

I was however a huge fan of cardio. Or more like the weight loss that comes along with said cardio. But after I had Letty I was getting nowhere fast. Through the suggestion of an acquaintance I met at an all day long cardio event (Sweat-a-Fit. I'm not being sarcastic when I say fun times.) I decided to sign up for my first race: The Turkey Hill Dairy 5k. I became hooked. I started signing up for races left and right. I'm not sure what I'm up to right now as far as number of races go.... but I've done a lot of 5ks. A 10k (in the rain after a shot or two. Don't knock it till you try it). And one half-marathon.  I have raced on vacation (one time during training I ran 7 miles between the cruise ship and Bermuda). I've raced in inclement weather. I've raced while pregnant. I've raced wearing ridiculously silly outfits. I've raced till my feet turned into something truly terrifying. I dig it.

//my first race in 2011 with some friends and some family. and a cow.\\

//my sister-in-law holly, myself and my sister beth\\

//the trovato's really like to race. my sister-in-law ashley, my brother rob, my dad, my sister beth\\

//we ran that day for holly's mother. she kicked cancer in the rear\\

//my sister beth and i after our first half marathon\\

//trovato's strike again at a turkey trot on thanksgiving day. must point this out as john's first ever race. he is the lumberjack.\\

//jingle bell 5k. december 2011. in. our. finest.\\

//slowest 5k to date for me. wonder why? also, colton is here! he's fast.\\

//first runDisney event. Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5k\\

//great turkey hunt. thanksgiving day 2012\\

//jingle bell run 2012. with my sister-in-laws Ashley and Holly\\

I ran 726.60 miles in 2012. A number I think I can be a wee bit proud of.

My races coming up the pike this year include the Baltimore Color Run 5k, The Manheim Rock n' Glow 5k, and the Philadelphia Rock n' Roll Half Marathon

Every day I run by myself on the treadmill. It really is as therapeutic as they say. Races are sometimes with friends but mostly with family. I think training runs with my sisters are my favorite. Give me a nice trail, nice weather, a nice playlist and my sister or my sister-in-law and I am a happy girl. Oh yeah and my awesome husband who always watches the kids while I run all over the place. He is special. So thank you.

UPDATE: After I clicked publish I heard about what happened today at the Boston Marathon. There are no words...