on internal clocks and ninja toddlers

The night time routine in our house has always been an emotional experience (on our part). Letteria never went to sleep with out a great deal of coaxing/bribing/threatening/begging/crying (on our part). This book comes to mind on an almost nightly basis. David was a gem for his entire life other than a two month stint around the holidays where he discovered crying in the middle of the night meant he would get food. And cuddles.

But that's the past. Now we rule with an iron fist! New sheriff in town kids! D wakes up? Ha! Figure it out bud you'll be fine. Letty wants another book? No way and if I come up here again I'm taking your Tinkerbell flashlight/Belle dress/Tick Tock. By 8:30 p.m. the kids are down. The Hubs and I high five. We have wine. We sit down and prop up our tired dogs.

3:57 a.m. hits. Every night. Never fails. I wake. The house is quiet so it's not that. I check both kids. Breathing? Good. I drink my entire cup of water (see aforementioned wine ingestion). I use the facilities. I check my iPhone and all those social media apps. The Hubs never wakes up during this process. Once he boards the sleep train it takes a lot to rouse him.  Heavy sigh? Nope. Plop down on the bed like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Nah. Roll over a hundred times? Fluff your pillow with fists meant for him? Ha. I'm alone at this hour. Eventually I calm my brain down enough to fall back asleep. This whole process could take an hour. The internal clock was super helpful in college or when I worked. I knew I'd wake up in time no matter the amount of wine. My brain would make sure of it. Earth to brain: I've got nowhere to go at 3:57 a.m. No child needs a feeding. No child needs a diaper change. They out.

And then 6:52 a.m. rolls around and this little crazy-haired ninja whispers: daddy? And we both just about die of heart failure because she's staring you in the face and HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE?!

//she may look adorable. but there's nothing creepier than seeing this staring at you as you wake.\\