little dancing people and flying over london town

Last night The Hubs debuted his newest Kinect game: Disneyland.  He was pretty excited to see how Letty would handle the game and he was pretty certain she would be psyched.  After going through the mess of setting up a little girl that sort of resembled Letty we were off! She was very shy about actually being in charge; I don't even think if she was she could navigate it properly. After greeting Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy we had unlocked enough to explore Disneyland. Matt tired of it quickly and I took over just in time for our favorite ride, Pirates of the Caribbean. Not. What. We. Thought. I smacked a few alligators and then moved on... Letty's favorite ride: Small World.  She sings the song. She watches YouTube videos (her favorite one is here). We (by we I mean I) rowed a boat to different continents and learned some dances. After seeing that the game would not hurt her she jumped in and even managed to do a move or two! Our little dancer!

And the reason for Matt getting the game...

...Peter Pan's Flight. You are looking at a family obsessed with all things Disney, pirates, Neverland, J.M. Barrie. Pretty sure The Hubs may have teared up watching us follow Tinkerbell all over London. 

We only unlocked 1% of the game.  Lawd have mercy.