letty cam

We decided (and by we I mean Matt) to give Letty my old old camera (two cameras ago). It's digital. It's sturdy. She loves cameras. She calls them 'Cheese'. Get it?

These are unedited. Unfiltered. Raw. Some call it art. I call it "Letty Cam."

So here is a bit of the world according to Letty:

//upside down view of her morning. chocolate cheerios, water, tv\\

//self portrait number 9\\

//self portrait number 32\\

//our deck\\

//baby david's wall mural and finger\\

//letty's great-grammy's deck\\


//baby D and princess ride\\

//facetiming with daddy\\

//mommy planking\\

//peeling nail polish in tent\\

//mommy hair and sticker\\

Lessons learned from the artist? She likes decks. Self portraits. Including her finger in the shot. Unflattering angles. 

Till next time....