kingdom for kids

Big weekend here people. Dutch Wonderland, a staple of many a local child's youth, opened for the year! I ain't really from around here and yet even I frequented this nostalgic theme park. They really have made strides in becoming more of a "place to be." While still keeping old haunts like the Wunder Haus. That places gives me the gags.

We joined our neighbors and fellow season pass holders this morning. Bright and early. Opening day. The excitement was palpable.

Letty wasn't too keen on actually going ON the rides. Even with her BFF Avery leading the charge. But we had fun watching and especially cheering Avery on (not sure where that came from but fine). D napped. The girls shared a pretzel courtesy of Aunt Steph. Liam took one look at a ride and shook his head emphatically in the negative. I'm not actually sure Steph and I got the chance to talk to each other but it was still fun. Once the Fitzgerald's hit the road after lunch so began Operation Find Princess Dress. My little toddler walked around DW three times to find Princess Brooke. She even held my hand. Like, the whole time. Once we found the illusive Princess (that we saw three times already this morning), Letty stood in awe. No speaking. No waving. Just staring. It was incredibly awkward. Also a sign the girl needed food. So we left while we were ahead. Thank you Letteria for behaving and making this first solo trip to DW a smooth one.

It was sad that Matt couldn't join us but soon enough he will be free again. Then he can take her on every. Ride. In. The. Park.

//it hurt my heart a little to watch her run off on to the ride without my assistance. who am i kidding it hurt a lot.\\

//yeah man\\

//the whip. huge hit\\

//who needs a stroller\\

//she's an emerald!\\

//of all the rides they chose the school house\\

//10-4 good buddy\\

//just call her esther. side note her hair style is perfect for this\\

//second princess brooke sighting. she was THIS close.\\

//my man\\

//carousel! d's first ride. of the day.\\

//aunt steph was kind and gave mommy a break\\

//i mean. really.\\

//the whip solo\\

//monorail crazies\\

//diving show. do NOT try this at home letty\\

//log flume\\

Prepare yourselves for lots of DW pics in the future. Season passes and all (thanks to my mother-in-law).