just goatin around

Today was one of these rare 'at home' days. After D's morning nap I took the kids out for a walk. Other than being confronted by a surprise mini rain storm (Weather Bug: I loathe you) the walk went well as walks go. We hunted rainbows (no go). I was informed by Letty that she wanted to go home 64374352 times (sweet Lord I heard you the first 64374351 times.) David chewed on a spoon.

And then there were the goats. Baby goats too. Goats on a ramp. Goats under a lamp.

I think it's pretty great that we live right across the street from our very own goat farm. Letty does too. I'm sure the goats were thrilled they wandered all the over to us and did NOT get food.

Oh there were a lot of nice blooming trees too. How was your Tuesday?