fun in the sun with a little wine and rum

What started off as a gray/humid/never get dressed kind of day ended as one of those day drinking/soak up the sun/kids playing kind of days. My sister-in-law Holly came over today for a little Wine Wednesday. Woot! (Yes I am the kind of girl who says woot in every day conversation.)

The kids played. The dad mowed. The ladies drank wine. There was Mumford. The parents had a heart attack about a hundred times because holy hell you are climbing a ladder with a cast. David ate grass. It was my favorite kind of day.

//wine and play sets. naturally\\

//dude rocking his jammies\\

//roll your pants up weather\\



//blooms take two\\

//freshly mowed grass = stick to your feet goodness\\


//and that's how it's done\\


//see what i did there?\\

//it's a virgin daiquiri. yes she is in her jammies too.\\

//sometimes being fun in the sun is painful\\

I. Love. Sun.