fun in the sun to broken bones in two seconds flat

Today was a beautiful day. It was over 70 degrees. The sun was hot. We went for a walk. We were playing in the grass. We wore silly hats and sunglasses. We did this:

And then this happened:

My little trooper. She fell off the slide. My German kicked in to high gear. Turns out she broke both of the bones in her forearm close to her wrist. We are lucky they were clean breaks and set themselves back up nicely. Zero manipulation = relieved mom and dad. From start to finish four and a half hours and all is right as rain. Sort of. The cast comes off in four weeks. She is a horrible patient normally but after being carried back and forth from a few places (and some fries and a milkshake) she rallied. Had several nice conversations with the orthopedic people. Even played hide and seek.

We are thankful for our family who stayed with David. Thankful it requires no manipulation or surgery. Thankful she's so tough. Her last words tonight? Mama I want this offs. Cue mom shedding a tear.

And this is how our day is ending. Margarita.