day one: story of my life

I didn't count to make sure I stayed under 250 words. Feel free.

I was a child my parents wanted. Planned, if you will. This is a long-standing joke in our family. My dad is an electrician but he's also much more than that. My mom was a nurse but stayed home with us kids. Useful degree that nursing. I was born in Long Island, NY where I stayed just long enough to pronounce coffee with an accent. I joined an older brother (John) and later another brother (Rob) who was quite mischievous came along.

We flew north for the next six years to a town in Down East, Maine. There my class in school was minuscule and we had to drive 15 minutes to find the nearest gas station. We were always in the car and I pondered the invention of teleporting. My sister Beth was born in Maine which makes her a maniac. Our vacations were always along the East Coast, exotic places like Pennsylvania and Florida. I was home schooled at one point (!) and rode a bike everywhere.

Said bike got me in to trouble when we moved to Central PA where I still reside. We started traveling to more daring places, like the Caribbean. I took it to the next level and went across the pond a few times, eventually dragging my family as well. I graduated college with a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Communications (minor in Business blah blah) and started working in Human Resources which I loved. I just hated people.

I married this guy, Matt, in 2006. He may be Norwegian. He may be Samoan. We will never know. We tried to have a baby for a bit. We were sad and drank a lot of wine. We eventually were blessed with a baby (Letteria) in 2010. She was the best gift we ever received. I am lucky enough to be able to stay home with said baby. We had another baby (David) in 2012 who is the sweetest, happiest thing. We are happy. To be continued...

//visiting relatives in maine\\

//my dad is clearly thrilled\\

//enter the mischievous one\\

//now the family is complete\\

//just like that we magically grew up\\

//october 26, 2006\\

//august, 2010 with letteria\\

//july 2012 with david\\

Tomorrow's post: I shall educate you on something I like to think I am knowledgeable about.