cast chronicles

Not much slows down this two year old. No way. She slept right through the night (those who know Letty know this is extremely rare). We spent a few hours terrorizing my 89 year old grandmother's house (normalle), had another milkshake, popped bubbles, etc.

After which I was feeling adventurous and decided on a different version of tubby time. One that involved me yelling "D sit!" in between sink hair washing. There were tears (I'm very emotional under stress). Letty requested once again that the cast comes offs. There is simply no way David gets to splash around without her. I foresee a long 4 weeks of tubby times. Unless someone has a fool proof method for waterproofing a cast? Figure in she is two and likes splashing. No?

//just because they are so darn cute in their summer wear\\

Off again (we are on the go often) and this time to Aunt Beth and Uncle Colton's. They have a park guys.  Newsflash: she was not afraid of slides. Aunt Beth however was afraid enough for the both of them. She was required to have a chaperon on all encounters.

Plus there was a pretty awesome sunset.

Day one down. Wine. Deck. Amen.