bubbles bubbles bubbles

We are a bunch of sickies here lately but when I saw how nice it was outside I just couldn't help myself. D went down for his nap and out we went! 

We had to get out her lawn chair and set it up by the pansies. We had to get out the chalk egg.

We had to get out her purple colored bubbles from Nonna and Pop (aka Easter Bunny/Grandparents Extraordinaire). Other than a slight scare with a bubble landing on our white car (!) it was a great success.  Little miss sniffles ran all over the place trying to pop them as toddlers do apparently.

There's just something about watching a kid chase after bubbles with abandon that makes ya smile you know?

My daughter would fit in quite well at a Walmart or two around these here parts. But I find her sense of style endearing. As long as we have nowhere to go of course.