boy of questionable heritage meets girl

Many of you have asked to hear the story of how Matt and I met. I'm just kidding, none of you have. I see bloggers say this all the time and I wonder if they tell the truth......

.....Moving on.

First glance: Fall semester. 2001. Lebanon Valley College. Freshmen Orientation. Business Department. They see each other. They do not speak. This is only important for the next part....

Second glance: June. 2002. Boy with another girl. Girl with another boy. Both their high school sweethearts. On a cruise ship somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean on it's way to Bermuda they meet again. The Olsens and the Trovatos have all convened on the same Carnival ship that debarked from Norfolk, Va. Matt and brother Steve are on the Lido deck by the hamburgers. Girl walks up and tries not to sound crazy... 'Hey you look familiar, do you by any chance go to Lebanon Valley?' Boy says 'Yeah I thought you looked familiar, I'm Matt.' Pleasantries exchanged. Brother says nothing. They go on their merry way.

For the next two and a half years girl sees boy of questionable heritage on campus often. He always says hello and always calls her by name. She always says hi back and then quickly asks her friends what his name is... David? John? Matt? And WHAT is he???

Third glance: Senior year. 2004. The fates have finally intervened. Girl's best friend Kerri lives next door to (potentially Asian?) boy. They have a night class together as well. MIS (Management Information Systems, just to clarify). They become friends. They do what kid's those days did and Instant Message all the time. They work on a group project together. Girl knows his name is officially MATT. He looks good in blue. He likes to snowboard and she likes to ski. Kerri informs them they should be together. Kerri and girl discover that all this time boy has a girlfriend. Girl says 'are you going to marry her?' He says 'I dunno.' To which she so eloquently responds (cover your eyes here comes foul language): 'well... shit or get off the pot.' Yes. Yes I most certainly did.

There is a trip to the mall. There is a viewing of Scarface (romantic, eh?). Finally he gets off the pot. He takes girl to see The Polar Express (the way to her heart). Two weeks later she informs him that she loves him and that they will be married. The following Fall he gets girl a ring, and they become engaged in a fashion typical of them. Straightforward. To the point. No romantic gesture... Perfect. A year later they are married.

//our first picture together. december 2004\\

//only including these to show we were babies\\

//skinny. tan. babies.\\

//engaged! fall of 2005\\

//we said i do on october 28, 2006\\

Our first year together was easy. After that our relationship was questioned and tested. There was stress and there was death. There was infertility and then there was a baby. And another one (thank you God). Here we are. Our sense of humor intact. He's my man. So glad he got off the pot. So glad the potty humor has continued from that first reference.

His heritage is still questionable. I however have settled on Samoan. It makes total sense right??

Our school.
My dress.
Our venue.

Our wedding day in detail.
Our honeymoon.