beth's bridal shower

Saturday was, to state the obvious, Beth's bridal shower. It was a typical event in where you really don't get to talk to everyone enough and you feel pulled in several directions at once. This always gives me anxiety-but I firmly believe it means the event was (to quote my sister and Borat) GREAT SUCCESS! And the noise. My heavens, the noise.

My mom did a wonderful job as moms can only do. Lots of balloons and sweet favors of snap dragons in cute little cups.

There was more food than I had the chance to photograph and the same goes for guests. These cupcakes people... Amazing. I'd link to their website but apparently they are sneaky little vendors. Incognito if you will. But dee-lish.

Beth got just a few presents. My personal favorites (because this is my blog and only my opinion matters) were the tuxedo apron for Colton, a luggage set complete with "before, during, and after" presents that made me blush but was really sweet and creative, and a fun entertaining gift set. I personally think the gifts that are a combination of different things but themed are the best. The grilling set gift. The baking set gift. She is fully set up now in the kitchen and serving (and apparently honeymooning) department. No longer will she be forced to eat off my old Ikea plates (gasp!). Beth may have teared up a time or two reading a card here and there. She took being the center of attention in stride. I think she only ran away to hide two or three times. She even wore the silly hat with ribbons.

The kids did great. David was a bit overwhelmed by the noise, but mostly enjoyed meeting all these nice ladies. And to top it all off my aunt got them books about farts.  I know. It's perfect.

Oh yeah, photo bomb time.

//matron of honor with the bride\\

//mother of the bride with the daughters\\

//the bride with one of her flower girls\\

//the firefighter was educating. something quite unpleasant by the looks of things.\\

//the flower girls\\

//the bride and her fav girls\\

//the entire bridal party\\

The end.