25 things

I saw this on The Daily Tay and thought... Why not? Although most of my readers are my family and friends so this list will be unsurprising. And not nearly as funny as Tay's. But here it is.

1. I quote movies. A lot. "Shut up you're always talking." (If you can name that movie we could be friends.)

2. I once peed over a porcelain lined hole in the floor. It flushed and everything. I still don't understand why this was in the ladies room.

3. Three was my field hockey number. It is also the day I was born so I pretty much think if I was forced to choose a favorite number this would be it.

4. I once ate breakfast at a table next to Jerry Springer.

5. Is the number of tattoos I have. And yes dad I am done. Or am I??? Hmmm...

6. My name was supposed to be Kari (pronounced car-ee). My mom was convinced by others this was a no go because my last name was Trovato. Those names don't match heritage wise. Good thing I married an Olsen.

7. I had 18 holes in my ears at one point. I looked like such a goth. Or more like I loved American Eagle and took a stapler up my ear. I have a theory on why I pierced my ears so often but I'll save it for another post.

8. Veggies can suck it. I used to sit at the table when I was a kid sobbing uncontrollably because I couldn't eat a pea. One. Pea.

9. I love musicals. Newsies. South Pacific. White Christmas. I'm a sap.

10. I was hit by a car while riding my bike in 5th grade. Two days after moving to PA. Stuff got broken. Started school in a wheel chair. First impressions went well for me that year.

11. I wear sports bras 24/7.

12. In college all I listened to was rap. I was gangsta. And some country. Gangsta hick. That was me.

13. It doesn't matter how bad the argument... If Matt sends me this video I will be giggling like a school girl within 15 seconds. I cannot help myself.

14. My uncle took me to The Billboard Awards in Las Vegas when I was 15. At the time I had never heard of The Billboard Awards. Or Las Vegas.

15. My Grandma would not allow me to ride on a moped in Rome when I was 13. I might have pouted.

16. I own 13 Stephen King books. When I counted and got to 13 I paused...Counted again. I feel like I may need to buy another just to get away from the unlucky number. I have driven by Mr. King's house maybe that will counteract it. I'm such a stalker

17. I am more German than Italian. I even have some Norwegian in me. Cue that's what she said jokes.

18. I permed my hair when I was in college. I loved it.

19. I. Love. Blue. Mostly the color of the water in the Caribbean. Aqua? It's all blue.

20. I have six semesters of German under my belt. Three at the college level. Ich spreche nicht Deutsch sehr gut. But saying Ich leibe dich really freaks people out. Try it.

21. I saw Nsync in concert. Twice.

22. I used to get a lot of ingrown toe nails. Disgusting but true.

23. I will not watch any movie with Denzel Washington in it. Except Philadelphia. This makes me scorned by most everyone.

24. I was in the Girl Scouts. For more years than I care to admit.

25. When I was in 6th grade we painted storm drains for Earth Day. I also wanted to save the rainforest. I actually thought I could. My nickname was Freak of Nature.

Happy Earth Day!!