back again! to gettysburg!

I love going to Gettysburg in the fall. We used to go more often, back when the amount of kids didn't out number the parents. And one incredibly brave time I took the three kids solo. But there's just something great about heading out there on a fall day. Wandering around. Seeing the sights. Enjoying the crisp air. Soaking up some history while we are at it! And it's only an hour or so away so really, it should be done more!

the millersville homecoming parade

Let's just go ahead and say the weather people that be lied  this weekend. That's all. Down right lied. It was supposed to be a mostly sunny, albeit colder, weekend. And so with that mindset we planned on heading down to the college town of Millersville for their annual Homecoming Parade. Except it was rainy. One might be surprised here, or one might not, but the rain did not keep us at home no! Onward! Rain be damned!

some construction themed birthday invitations with basic invite

It's never too early to plan a party, if you ask me. In fact I think Dominic's birthday party date has already been chosen for months now and yet it isn't until December. But what with the holidays and school things it is best to be prepared. I mean are you even the slightest bit surprised? It's me we are talking about here. So when Basic Invite contacted me to check out their construction themed birthday invitations I jumped at the chance! What little boy doesn't love construction!? The digger love is real. They were kind enough to send me some samples (custom samples are huge!) so I could really just dig my pointy black fingernails in.

i am farm showed out

The Farm Show is quite the deal around these parts, much to Matt's surprise and never-ending chagrin, but it is just the same. The kids always tend to have off school too which means we make quite a few trips. And field trips. Dom's field trip was up first! And I, of course, chaperone. First of what was supposed to be three. Prepare thyself Laur. 

a birthday beach day for matteo!

Matt didn't want much for his actual birthday. He wanted a sunrise and coffee... toes in the sand... and nothing but the sound of the waves crashing and the kids squealing. I'd say the day delivered. We weren't sure the sunrise would be anything to write home about but here I am writing home about it just the same. We had to wake the kids up of course and basically carried them to the van in their pajamas so they wouldn't miss it. I ran and the kids played and then we headed back to the house to say goodbye to his aunt and uncle who had some work back home to do... The kids stood on their steps and waved goodbye with the most forlorn expressions...