Let's talk hair, shall we?
Dominic, age 2 years: After all these months I can sort of style his hair once more! I'm so thrilled about this. I really hated his accidental buzz cut of the fall and being able to force a part into his hair just makes me so irrationally happy. He still comes running with joy from all corners of the house when I call out "hair and teeth!" It's been a historically fun time for all three, this hair and teeth business....

David, age 4 years: He is just so cute, right? That is his saving grace with all the things. His smile lights up a room. He is the definition of wearing his heart on his sleeve. If one's heart flip flops from anger to depression to joy all within the course of a few minutes that is. I'm letting his hair grow longer I think. We have been watching a lot of old birthday dvds from past years and I miss David with his surfer boy locks (this was my most favorite of his hair styles...). Especially when summer comes. Which it feels like it is with the weather we had this weekend....

Letty, age 6 years: Around Christmas time she informed me that she wanted to cut her hair to her chin. Just like a friend of hers from school. And just like her Avery, she wanted to donate it to the wig making cause. Which is totally noble of her, to be sure. But I'm obviously a long hair type of gal. And while part of me really wonders if her curly hair would return if it were shorter (like it was here, minus the facial scar of course, just so gorgeous!!) I also am not sure I am willing to gamble. For now I've held her off by explaining she would want more hair to donate so she needs to grow it just a wee bit longer....

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an art birthday party


Last weekend Letty had the pleasure of attending a girlfriend's birthday party and it was at the cutest place that I just had to share! For any locals anyways. The party was at Big Dream Creative Arts Studio. It's been there for two years and I've driven by it countless times and yet never stepped foot in the place. It's so fun! So colorful and decorated so well! Rainbows and paint supplies everywhere. It made me want to make art and I'm so untalented in that department!
I can only speak to the party part of the place (which was housed in the second story of the building) but I was very impressed. There were eight kids at the party and they each got to create a canvas that had a flamingo (the birthday girl's choice) and was personalized with their initial. They also made flamingo masks. They had hot dogs and popcorn and cake.... As well as a take home goodie bag from candy from their candy bar. They played games and watched the birthday girl open her gifts and it was just really cute and fun! Letty said it was "totally awesome and can my birthday party be there please?!" to which Matt and I responded, ha! Nope. We will have a pool next summer. Sorry lady, but not sorry, you'll have pool parties for every party. Forever and ever amen.
I love finding new places like this, especially in our own backyard! And I also love when parties allow parents to stay and hang out! How long that will last is beyond me but I'll take it as long as I can! For this party I'm even more glad I was able to stay... she only knew the birthday girl and then one other little girl from church so yeah. She was a bit shy at first. David was shocked to see a friend of his from his school was there as well! But ya know D, small town.... best get used to things like that happening...


a snow day!


A snow day that, really, I was surprised we even had. But I'm glad we did. Everyone off of school and together in the house... Just the best. Matt unfortunately did not work from home that day which was the only bummer.
I had really wanted a snow day this year. Just a day with the kids stuck at home being together and being lazy. All three of my little ducks, all with me, all day long. So you can imagine my happiness last Thursday when that happened! The snow wasn't even that much in terms of inches, and the main roads were perfectly clear, but I guess there was drifting on back roads that led to the school deciding to close. You wouldn't be hearing me complaining! 

We all slept in and started our day slowly, the kids padding down the stairs at random intervals. We wore many many (many) layers and played in the snow again and again (and again). The kids had snow ball fights and made snow angels and played on the swing set. Letty loved using me as target practice and she succeeded in getting snow in my hood which is sort of the worst feeling. We watched movies and had popcorn under blankets on the floor. We sat by the fire with our coffee and our hot cocoa, slowly warming our fingers and toes. Letty ate her weight and then some in snow and icicles. We finished up all our Valentine's for the kid's classes at school and for family. We had a last minute lunch at my parent's that necessitated me shoveling our driveway, yuck!
It was a great day! The final trip out into the cold necessitated a big sippy cup of wine to help warm me up. As soon as Matt got home there were squeals and hugs all around and the kids went barreling up into the tub, all rosy-cheeked. I could use more of these days! Minus the whole make up day business because well, I'd rather it be summer.


a trovato valentine's


Look! Matching t-shirts! These shirts Steph and I bought Liam and David years ago and I'm so glad I thought to hunt them down because yay! Matching!
This past Saturday my parents had us all over for a little Valentine's gathering of their own... My dad slaved away for hours in the kitchen (with a little help from Sous Chef Matteo) making his homemade Chinese food that we always all loved when we were kids. And my parents gave all the grandchildren gifts for the holiday, thank you Nonna and Poppop! Letty got a Shopkins Lego set, David got Captain America and some Hot Wheels and Dom got The Hulk. Quite fitting, really.
I know that this night was just like any other time we all get together and that's fine. The kid's got Valentine's and handed out Valentine's and the adults had wine and delicious food. And we got a photo of all five grandchildren looking and Dom wasn't screaming. It's like the perfect night.
Yes, Letty took the camera for a bit as she loves to do. And yes, my brother, brother-in-law and Matt are something else and I love them every day because of it.


a friend valentine's


Happy Valentine's Day to one and all! It's kind of a bummer that this day falls on a weekday for those of you who like, go out and have a date type of Valentine's Day. We do not though. What we do is we have our old neighbors over and Matt cooks all sorts of fancy things and Steph brings a salad and champagne and dessert and the newest movie for the kids. That's how we do it. I personally wouldn't have it any other way. Steph also brought the kids some new holiday-themed books and these massive candy chew lollipops. She's so good to us Olsens. I just love this bunch!
Before they arrived my kids were so amped, tearing around the house just out of their minds with excitement to see their best friends and give them their Valentine's that they spent a fair share of that last hour in time out..."Parties" do that to them and that's what they kept calling this night. Our house was decked out in it's Valentine's finest, even the diffuser was in on the action with a little Embrace. Smelled so good! I don't go too crazy for this holiday though...I'm sort of eh about it.
The kids eat first, pizza, of course. And then we got them all situated in front of Trolls which is seriously becoming a favorite of all the children, even David who had a fit and a half at the movie theater. They had popcorn galore with backup bags on stand by and then it was our turn to dine...

Matt made lobster tails, chicken breasts stuffed with pancetta and cheese, and garlic mashed potatoes. All followed by Steph's heart shaped shortcake and the most delicious cream with almond extract oh my-lan-ta!
Once dinner was cleaned up the whole bunch headed downstairs to play the Kinect where they danced to their heart's content. 
Nothing says romance to us like spending the evening with our bestest of friends and our children's bestest of friends. Happy love day to all! And obviously Dom needs to learn how to do a silly face... although his may be my favorite. Ha!
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