Dominic, age 2 years: This past weekend has taken it out of him! He's actually napped for the first time in weeks and I'm not hating it. Maybe once the kids go back to school he will still want to nap and who am I to say no? Not sure what I'll do with myself if that is where he goes but... ya know. I'll manage.

David, age 5 years: He has his kindergarten teacher meet and greet and bus orientation this week and while he knows his teacher and all is good there he seems to be acting like the bus thing will make him afraid. That's a direct quote. I'm so excited to see their new school though! It's been years in the making and it's so so big so let's just get ourselves used to it asap.

Letty, age 7 years: I just may train this girl for a life guard type role here shortly. Over the weekend we had ourselves a little mishap with the pool and a little boy and it freaked everyone out (even though it was totally fine and nothing happened, thank God) but I'm just so glad Letty was there to say hey! Kid in the pool! Parents! If I had a medal to give her, I would.

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letty's raven queen birthday party


I say party but it's really just family. And family can get quite large around these here parts which is just how I like it! Letty chose a Raven Queen theme. Now to those not in the know, which I wasn't either, Raven Queen is a character in the Ever After High series, all about the children of our favorite fairy tale characters. Raven doesn't want to be evil like her mother, the Evil Queen. That's why she looks terribly gothic and scary. But Letty likes her and so she wanted that as a theme. Talk about hard to do! I got purple and black balloons and paper products of course, I tried to do something about centerpieces but like I said, not so easy. The cake, courtesy of my parents, came from Cake and Cup Bake Shoppe which is where we always get our cakes and even they were able to whip up an appropriately decorated cake.  

Anyways so we ate lots of good food and chatted before Letty opened up her presents. She is one lucky little lady! She got tons and tons of crafts which is her thing as of late. She got a sewing kit, doodle socks, sun catchers, some fun new earrings and a book, a k'nex ferris wheel, a weaving loom, a Toys R Us shopping trip with Nonna, and some money to pad her college fund. I mean this girl cleaned up big time! And her mother had to really stretch her mind to figure out a place to store all said goodies. A big giant thank you thank you to all! We love and appreciate you all so much!
It was such a gorgeous day out but not really warm enough for the little ones to swim, but that didn't stop the big ones from jumping in on repeat! Once most of the party headed home we had ourselves a fire pit as well... We sure haven't gotten to see our Fitzs a lot this summer and we miss them so!
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letty's birthday and mr. cheese


For quite a long time on Letty's birthdays we went to Chuck E Cheese. Literally every year on her actual birthday we headed their for lunch and some rides. Even when she was one and just toddled around staring at the lights and all the loud noises, there we were. We haven't gone in a few years because we have been traveling the first week of August... so long story short when asked what she wanted to do on her birthday she said Chuck E Cheese! Who knew?! 

Dominic had never been there obviously and David well he was just a wee one last time so he too basically thought it was all new to him. We split 100 tokens and got the kids the pizza buffet and off they ran! The didn't get much in the way of tickets and prizes but they had a heck of a time just tearing around playing and riding whatever they want. And Matt and I got a headache.
I'm just dying over Letty's face in her photo booth picture! She waited so patiently and smiled so well and then I don't know it hesitated or whatever and the smile fell and this was what was left. I cracked up! After we ran out of tokens we took the kids for some frozen yogurt and all the toppings. A sweet end to the sweet birthday girl's day I'd say!
Letty's sixth, her fifth was spent on a road trip, fourth, third birthdays...


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