We are just back from vacation and doing all those post-vacation things one does, you know the drill, 900 loads of laundry and unpacking and the like. Our Sunday was a bit abnormal for us so yeah, I'm slacking and using photos from our trip, but that's okay by me! More on that trip to come don't you fret.
Dominic, age 2 years: Master of the house, keeper of the keys. That's what this photo makes me think of. He thinks of himself as a man in charge and while I try and correct him I know it falls on deaf ears. He will only answer you when he feels like it. He will only eat when he feels like it. He will only speak when he feels like it. He's a real joy to all and I am constantly apologizing for him.... Good thing he's so cute. I'm being sarcastic in case you didn't notice!

David, age 4 years: Vacation was hard for this boy. He's just so very sensitive and well he gets tired so so easily. Early on in the week he would ask to go to bed which is just the very best thing right to hear as a parent (okay maybe not the best but pretty close)? Please put you to bed, oh my pleasure child of mine! I find it so hard to believe that in just a few short weeks he will be turning five. I hope he always loves sleep as much as I do, right? And those cuddles that he gives us before going to bed? Those can stay as long as appropriately accepted. Please and thank you.

Letty, age 6 years: We have been having quite the little movie marathon as of late. After being out late by the fire practically every night on vacation it's been nice for Matt and I (and Letty) to just sit and relax doing our normal night time thing. We watched La La Land Saturday night (I love that movie the more I watch it and I'd fancy Miss Letty finds the singing and dancing and oh so dreamy Mr. Gosling amazing as well). Last night we watched Beauty and the Beast with Nonna in the basement, legit movie viewing experience for sure! Tonight? Rogue One. Maybe eventually I'll put my foot down and suggest to Matt that maybe we get back outside but for now some indoor night time is nice. 

Past weekly shots found here.


when you see a field of flowers, you pull over


I feel like that's a truth that should generally be acknowledged, right? If you see an enormous field full of blooms, you pull over, you just do. I brought the kids here last year peak season I would say but wow, June? June suits this field just right! I wasn't expecting to pass it but on our way to a different summer adventure there it was, all in it's purple glory. My mother wanted to stay in the nice air conditioned car but was easily convinced by her adorable granddaughter that walking through the field was a thing to be done. Just no picking please!

I gave my camera to Letty for a bit here and she is just getting so good!
I'll be back in July. You betcha.


family farm days


Every year a local dairy farm opens up their fields for a Family Farm Day(s), and attend it, we do! They have a wagon ride through an actual dairy barn, a scavenger hunt, animals to pet, free chocolate milk and ice cream (yum!) and of course the biggest draw for my boys, a corn kernel table. This year my mama and Lena joined us too! 

It was so so so so hot and yucky out, just the perfect day to ride through a dairy barn while they were spraying them down with water from the fans... onto our faces. I just love my mom's face in that photo! But hey they make excellent milk right?  And no, I'm not hurting Letty in that last photo she just really hates the sun in her eyes? But I mean if you forget your sunglasses that's on you. Right?
And hey hey we made our local newspaper's video all about this event! Well, Letty did. Right around the 37 second mark. Famous little thing, that Letty!

Past year's Family Farm Days here, here and here!


inner harbor


The final stop on the Kerri Chronicles leads us to Inner Harbor, Baltimore. We used to go here all the time back when Matt and I were first dating and when we were first married but we haven't returned since Letty was ten months old, on the day she got the okay from our pediatrician that she could eat whatever was on our plate at the time, which was french fries. Isn't it odd how things can stand out like that? Her first french fry was down at Inner Harbor. And she was wearing a magenta top. I'm sick, I know it.

Anyways so Kerri's flight was leaving out of BWI and so I thought hey! Let's leave a bit earlier and swing by Inner Harbor for old time's sake! The kids have never been! I'll have company on our journey back to the airport that will distract from her leaving! Winner winner!

We wandered around the harbor for a little bit trying to find a place with outdoor dining that included shade that had available seating and was appropriate for kids and landed at Phillips. We had some light fare (the kids got fries of course!) and some drinks before heading out.
I love these last three photos because well, it's so us! Until next time, my Ker Bear! Sniff.

Okay and just because I am masochistic here is Letty on the aforementioned fries day....

Yup. I'm done.


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