a few final hersheypark visits for the summer


The park isn't closing on us just yet, don't be alarmed, but the summer hours are coming to an end. The weekday trips will stop, the water park is closing earlier, and before we know it the park will be decorated for fall. But I am ahead of myself. A little. We've been staying away from Hersheypark for the past few weeks because of the tourists. Summer camps. Bus groups. It just wasn't worth it. Until all of a sudden you realize that there are just two weeks left until the only time one can go is on a weekend. So we snuck in a few more visits before Labor Day. Which incidentally, is when the water park closes it's doors for good... until Memorial Day. 

One such visit was on a Friday morning, with my mom and brother and his family...Which it is just so wonderful having my mom along for trips such as these. She corrals kids, she watches the boys so I can take Letty on her rollercoasters... It's just so much more manageable. And the kids! They love having her there with them! If only they would stop arguing over who gets to ride with Nonna we'd be good. 

David does this thing on rides that go in a circle... every time the rotation passes by me he'll call out hi mom! Hey mommy! Every time. So on the Mini Himalayan, that he was riding with my brother, he must have said it something like 15 times, with Rob repeating the sentiment each time as well. Someday he won't wave and call out to me anymore... so for now, I'll smile back with my silly mom grin and say hey buddy! Each and every time.
The second quick trip in was on a Monday evening, a quick jaunt into the water park followed by dinner and more rides with my sister and her people. I was surprised with how crowded the water park was, right up until it closed at 6, but I'm glad we got to go again of course. We should never have left the water park earlier this summer when we were there and it was empty... what a difference that was!
I'm sure we'll be back again before Labor Day (I hope?), but in case we don't make it, I'm glad we got a few last hours in this summer. Sniff.


david's dream morning


Last year we had the chance to visit the Lancaster Airport's Community Days, which was awesome. But I've recently learned that this is not an annual thing? At least not anymore... And so I was sad. I loved taking the kids to get up and close and personal with aircraft, all whilst keeping their feet firmly planted on God's Green Earth. 

And then I found out about Harrisburg International Airport's Open House. Relatively new, this was just one Saturday where people could come and sit in planes and various emergency vehicles and snow removal vehicles and meet all the lovely men and women who run the equipment. Sign. Me. Up.

We arrived at 9:00 a.m. on the dot figuring that it would get crowded and it was a hot day so we didn't want to bake in lines for the entire morning... Parking and admittance was free, which I mean, you can't beat. David in particular was living his dream. He got to honk the horn of a dump truck which is basically at the top of his bucket list, if he had one. The enormous plow and all the "army" (Air Force) vehicles were also a huge hit in his mind. Letty got to climb into a police car and talk into the walkie and set off various horns and sirens and even got a sticker labeling her as his "partner." And they got to go inside the UPS plane which I informed them, is where all of mommy's Target and Amazon packages come from...
It was fun. Hot, but fun. We scored some free candy on our way out from the Kiss Mobile and then headed home to an air conditioning and a lovely backyard swim.


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