makayla rae turns five!

How I have three nieces who are now five is beyond me. And how Dominc, my baby, will be five here in another month and a half is a whoooooole other issue. But it is what it is and last week Mikayla turned five! And we celebrated in style as her parents do, with a mermaid themed bash!

lancaster science factory

I've always heard about the Lancaster Science Factory but just never taken the kids there... it's hard to know unless you go how much enjoyment my kids will get out of something in relation to cost... so when we found out that on First Fridays in Lancaster it is free admission and that they were partnering with the Children's Dyslexia Center of Lancaster we knew we had to be there. 

race. once more!

I feel like we were just doing this... which I mean, yes, it's been six months. But still! Time you saucy minx! This event is normally in the spring which is just a really crazy time so it was moved to the fall, which makes more sense to me! The kids sent out their mailers, people sent in money, and they beat their goal which is just fantastic!

Day of the kids just run in circles. For an  hour. They stop for water and Ritas (not David of course). David got just over three miles and Letty came in at a solid three. It's just basically a fun morning with friends and of course exercise. This year I got to be a lap marker for 2-4 grade so I had the pleasure of seeing both my kids... Next year when Dom does this I'll be torn once more..... Dom! Next! Year!

Moving on.

peddler's village

The final stop... Peddler's Village. To the best of my knowledge this place is a bunch of shops and restaurants and just a pretty area to walk around. During the fall there are something like 200 scarecrows scattered about and so that made it a must so for our fall family weekend of fun...

We wandered around and poked into shops should we feel like it and saw us all the scarecrows. All before a lunch that was quite tasty. Nothing like going out with a bang! We hung around a little bit longer before heading home... all with rounds of Letty sniffling about it being over. I hear you girl... I hate when things end too. 

So until next time! Trovato Travels, over and out!

solebury orchards, and donuts!

On the final day of our Bucks County getaway we went to Solebury Orchards, simply because we had read that the cider donuts were worth the trip alone. And they were. We rode a wagon out to the orchards and picked some apples, even Poppop! They were the Pinata variety which was new to us all and definitely a hit! You can tell which of these are my sister-in-law's I am sure... 

This was one happening place! So if you're going to go, go early. There was a constant influx of cars and visitors and little bees. It was such a cute orchard though! And again, those donuts!