annnnd david's friend party!

Also known as the last of his birthday celebrations!

So rookie move here, I didn't cap him at the number of friends he could invite. And so he invited nine of them. Which adds up to ten boys. In a pool. I just wasn't mentally prepared. It went so well though so don't get me wrong. It was just three hours of counting to ten repeatedly. And boys are easier in some ways, no drama or tears or fighting... and yet harder in others because all. they. do. is. jump. From the top of the deck mind you. 

david's seventh birthday party

Our kids get two parties. One for family, and one for friends. So up first on Saturday last was our family party! David had chosen a minion theme which was interesting but not entirely surprising. Everything was decked out in yellow and there were bananas and silliness ensued. We had some swim time first of course because hello have we met? We have a pool and if the sun is out we are using it!

field hockey summer camp complete!

Field hockey camp! It's such fun, each time they have it! And the friends that Letty is surrounded by are the absolute best! So last week was their summer session, and on the final day they all went swimming! This year just up the street from us! Best friends forevvvvverrrrrrr!

a birthday boy's birthday

We are just all about David around here these days. As it happens to be, around my children's birthdays. So. David's birthday fell on last Thursday and we did our best to make it special, even though his sister had field hockey camp. I let the boys sleep in and Matt was able to drive Letty to camp to make this happen. He got up, he opened presents, and then we headed out to get some coffee (for me) and a donut (for him). He got the donut for free and then we ran to a park quick before getting Letty.

some summer moments

Another week (ish) over! These days are just full of all things summer and fun and they are going at break-neck speed! So in the latest installment of What We Did This Summer...

The boys and I bought Letty her birthday gift, Mamma Mia tickets.//Swim days//Another ice cream stop on the trail, this time all the way in York County.//A triplet play date while the bigger kids had their own play date. A rare sight indeed!//Fireworks upon fireworks practically in our backyard//Play date with friends!//A visit to where Matt and I got married. Including an unexpected tour inside.//The kids had an epic night swim, complete with s'mores and a telescope moon viewing!//
I know once July Fourth hits the summer tends to fly by... What am I missing people? What? All the things!