letty’s party with her friends

I capped her at ten girls. She would have invited the entire third (fourth?) grade if she could have to be sure but no, I can't deal with much more than ten. And as it was her tenth birthday it seemed only fitting. She chose a luau theme as I may have mentioned earlier... So it was all sorts of full circle type things to pull out the decorations I used at her first birthday party for this year, her tenth. Did I mention she is ten??? To make it extra special we got her a pinata. A pig in a grass skirt. Because why  not? Daddy also made all the girls Shirley Temples. There was a whole lot of sugar and snacks and of course cupcakes and swimming. Some of the moms hung out with me so it was also like a birthday party for yours truly as well. My daughter sure knows how to pick them! Friends with great moms. I'm a fan!

who letteria is at ten

Ten is a whole new ballgame isn’t it? Double digits and all that. I’ve been a mom for a decade. And all of that. I was showing Letty photos of her first birthday party because ironically enough she chose the same luau theme for her parties this year.... and sure she looks different as one would expect (Duh) but man... the rest of us! We were babies back then. We had no idea what we were doing and were just so over the moon to have a baby of our own. Babies are fun. We had no idea of the broken bones and the split lip... the IU evaluations.... twice. The complete devastation I experienced when she went to school.... the fear and anxiety of her being away from us... the sleepovers and the psychologist and the tutoring and the schooling and the yelling (oh the yelling) and the tween attitude and the tears I would shed. I knew none of it. Completely blissful. I have said a few times recently that those years spent wanting to get pregnant I wanted a baby. I wanted that lovely feeling of a sleeping baby on my chest. The baby smell. The cuddles and the rolls. I didn’t know about any of this other stuff. And I sure as heck don’t know what’s coming for me tomorrow let alone in the next ten years (teen Letty please please please go easy on me!). We were clueless in those photos. We have aged. Children made us look old and haggard. But Letty! Oh my beautiful Letty! You are ten! You are such a little lady now and sometimes when I look at you it almost knocks the breath out of me! How did she get that tall?! When did she become all legs!? It happened over night. Except of course, it didn’t. 

david’s birthday party

With our family this time. We held it on his actual birthday and thankfully the weather decided to cooperate. Not sure everyone would have had as much fun as a bunch of boys! Even though it was just family we are still talking over twenty people. David decided he wanted pizza delivered which made things so much easier on Matt. We could actually swim and relax and just hang. Well, it got a little heated once the water guns came out but what can you do when the Funcles and Poppop are involved?

So we swam, we ate good foods, David opened presents (thank you thank you everyone for showering him with so many goodies) and then we sang and had cake! Ice cream cake, per David’s request, homemade by Matt. Such a fun day surrounded by family! My kind of day!

a swim party during a tropical storm

David would have invited every single boy in his entire grade to his friend party if I would have allowed it. But instead I capped him. It had to be done. Ten friends. A total of eleven boys. All in the pool. I was stressed. Then I wake up the morning of to a tropical storm coming our way. David would have been so disappointed if I rescheduled it.... I texted a few of the moms like hey what do you think and everyone agreed boys don’t care about a little rain and in fact it’s more fun that way! We had some ideas for backup plans if need be but nope, the boys had a blast in the rain! 

It was a chaotic three hours of counting heads in between snacks and more snacks. Whilst Matt and Janelle and I hid under umbrellas. They are such a good bunch it wasn’t as bad as I imagined... and I mean no injuries so that’s huge! I think they just all really missed each other and were so happy to be together. It was so cute. Or wait, whatever you call it at this age. 

we live here now...

And we will stay that way until the cold weather chases us out of our heated pool. I stand by that.

I joked around several times the first few weeks that the pool was open that I needed a Sign-Up Genius. People could sign up for their slots and bring whatever drinks and come and use the pool. We just had quite the long list of family and friends that we wanted to have over and swim! And we are getting there! Working our way through... So if I haven't gotten to you do not fret! I am trying my best! In between pool swims and family and friend hangs there has been a Baron Bookmobile and ice cream truck night... a few more Fourth celebrations.... swimmer's ear for Letty and baseball season for David. Life continues on, despite everything else. At least now, we have ourselves a pool.