ballocity at the works


When Matt decided to take off for President's Day so he could spend the day with the kids and I we knew we couldn't just stay around inside the house. The kids only seem to get on each other's nerves when they are cooped up inside. Just mine? The messes are greater, the yelling is louder, the fights are more intense. I love them for sure, but I love it even more when they all have fun and get along.

Which is how we landed on The Works in the neighboring county of Berks. It's a restaurant and bar but also an arcade but also a kid's indoor amusement playland. And Matt found a whole bunch of coupons so somehow the entire outing only cost us like $50? For a meal for five, two alcoholic drinks and the ballocity admission for five as well... Pretty much a steal. 

Ballocity is intense. It's just like the one we have here in Lancaster at Go N' Bananas. This was Dom's first time. Okay and Matt and I's as well. Normally I stay outside of these things and just hover from afar but with Dom going in we felt we too must go in. And go we did. We were exhausted practically immediately. Once we got the lay of the land and realized there was only one exit we parked ourselves near said exit and just kept our eyes on the kids. Which worked out fabulously. 

The kids tore around for over 2 hours and had the very best time. Their laughter and giggles could be heard across the mayhem of shooting balls from every direction. And they basically stuck together and hung out together, which makes my mama heart super happy.
We will definitely be doing more Ballocity trips in our future.... and a note to self? Put the kids in clothes more appropriate for August weather. Because those kids? They be sweaty. And also bring lots of extra waters. Because those kids? They be thirsty.


the fire and ice festival


I just love the neighboring town of Lititz. It's a wonderful little place and they always have a lot going on. One such goings on is the annaul Fire and Ice Festival. Now I have heard the actual carving of the ice sculptures to be the coolest thing to see but Friday night I just wasn't feeling like heading out in to the wet for it. See also: crowds. But that didn't stop us from going the next morning, and dragging my parents along to boot. I think I read that there are something like 50 sculptures lining the streets of Lititz? There was a good amount to be sure. Some big, some small. Dom looked at each one and would yell, WHAT! A TRUCK!?! Only to repeat the excited sentiment half a block down at the next one. 

We walked. We wandered. We antiqued a bit. And of course stopped for snacks at the nice row of food trucks gathered to celebrate. 
I would love to see the sculptures all lit up at night, I bet they look awesome. Maybe when the kids are older and maybe when I've grown into less of a hate crowded situations type girl... Maybe then.


our weekend


We were blessed with quite the nice long weekend and I'd like to vote for a three day weekend each and every weekend ruling! The prettiest of pleases. With a side of thanks.

Friday was sort of yucky weather wise and after the week we had (oh a week of weeks I'll tell you) we barely made it off the couch. The kids wanted to do a movie night and who are we to deny them that? They chose some Selena Gomez thing that only Letty ended up watching. Surprise surprise! As always in this house movie night involves popcorn. I even had myself a handful! If one can't cheat on the weekend when can one?
Saturday we met my parents for breakfast at a diner before heading in to the Fire and Ice Festival. More on that later naturally. 
After that Letty headed off to a birthday party at our local laser tag place. I took the boys to McDonald's as a consolation prize... They always feel so forlorn whenever Letty gets to go off and do some big kid thing. Then we cuddled on the couch back at home while I waited anxiously for pick up time. 
I saw on Twitter that our local greenhouse had a 25% off indoor plant sale so yeah dragged my brood over there and brought home these new beauties...
The weather cancelled our plans and forced another at home night upon us. The chance of 3-6 inches of snow will do that to one. The kids wanted to make a pizza like Merida's bulls eye and so that is just what they did. Matt made his buffalo chicken pizza too which my word it's been awhile.
It was a toss between game night or movie night but mom and dad changed the vote to movie night.  We use our dictatorship power wisely. They watched most of Bedknobs and Broomsticks, a childhood favorite of mine. And of course. Popcorn.
We decided to stay home from church on Sunday after David emphatically said he didn't want to do kid's choir anymore.... and maybe we should have made him since we did sign him up? But instead we chose to stay home... letting the kids play out back for awhile in the snow and then building quite elaborate Hot Wheels tracks...
We had lunch at Nonna and Poppop's then and I took no photos! The kids were all so amped and there as lots of Audrey cuddling to be had by yours truly. We ate until we were stuffed and then came home for naps! For some of this household that is. Bet you can guess who they are?
After naps and tubs Matt made dinner, turkey chili for the adults and a conglomeration of items for the younger three in the household. The kids had been talking all weekend about having a game night... which is something we have never had heretofore. The boys picked Jenga and of course it fell over right away as one can expect when a three year old is involved and then game night was over. Such a great success. We finished last night's movie and of course! More popcorn!
Monday morning while I ran the kids did this... A rare pause in an otherwise crazy weekend... Yes my children like to lay directly in front of a space heater. It's a thing they have inherited quite honestly from their father. You ever want to make Matt's night? Take him to the space heater aisle at Target. Honestly.  Weirdo.
On Monday's I typically go to visit my Grammy, this day being no exception. Matt had taken off work since the kids would also be off so he too came along. Unfortunately Grammy was still in bed, the dirty stay out, so we just turned heel and headed on our way.... To The Works. We hadn't been here since the days when Matt still listened to country music and my last name was of the more Italian variety... More on this later of course.
Monday night my entire family minus two came on over for dinner. We got to test out the new chairs! They were a big hit! We tried something new and let the bigger five kids sit in the kitchen for their dinner and I think that was also a big hit! Oh the fun we will have!
How was your long weekend? If it was in fact, long....


a day of school parties!


This Wednesday past held two very important things in the kid's lives. The 100th day of school and Valentine's Day. I guess just get it all over with in one big giant swoop right? The kids will be so amped and sugared up, might as well?

David's 100th day party was in the morning bright and early and we had a little surprise for him! They needed more volunteers and so Matt decided to come on in and we just knew it would make David's day to see his daddy in the classroom. Mommy coming in is pretty great but daddy? The bee's knees. All the kiddos were dressed like 100 year olds and they were just so stinking cute! The glasses! The little girls with wrinkles drawn on? It was just too much. They were all very calm which I wasn't expecting, hunkering down to their counting activities... As you may remember from last year we just loved Letty's teacher and love her more and more now with David. Fingers crossed Dom will have her too... in a decade because that's how many more years I have with him at home with me.... Most of these are her photos because she is amazing and shares lots of them with us throughout the day. My love language. Right up there with coffee.
We left the school and I went to go get Dom from my parent's and Matt went off to work. I had enough time to run home and eat something quick before running Dom over to my sister's so I could head into the school again for Letty's Valentine's Day party. It takes a village am I right people? The kids played some games and made Valentine's (for their parents por favor) and of course did a lot of snacking. The big hit was going through all their Valentine's delivered from their friends and. not. eating. any. candy. That teacher of her's I'll tell you what. She's got this figured out.  We love her too by the way. Lucky in the teacher department all around!!
And in honor of the 100th day of school and all her teacher took a photo of each student with an app that ages them and it's hilarious and also creepy but they were sure a big hit! Letty plans on future wheel chair races when she is 100. I'll vote for that!
Oh such a fun day these kids had! 


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