please oh please be our final snow day

This Wednesday, just like a great big chunk of the Mid Atlantic and New England region had ourselves a bit of a snow day. Our largest snowfall of the year if I am remembering properly. It snowed for over 12 hours straight.... which I can't remember happening in a very long time. It was just very rude for the second day of spring to involve buckets and buckets of snow... the cardinals and robins were all quite confused by it as well. But if you can't go anywhere you might as well make the most of it yes? I held the kids off until about 9:30 (you're welcome neighbors) and sent them off to the great frigid unknown with more layers than I can count... All while standing with the door wide open so I could cool myself off. Someday they will all dress themselves and I'll miss this right?

Probably not this part of it. Ha! We decided to try out the hill behind our fence and well well! It worked out just great! We spent the better part of the morning out there going down our own little hill over and over again. I cannot believe it's been four years and we have yet to try it but... there you have it.

an afternoon dying eggs.

We went full on kid egg dye time this year. Each one (minus the babies of course) got to dye three hard boiled eggs and one blown (thanks Aunt Beth and Nonna!). They were just so excited to get started that they beat us to it, with me rushing around getting the dye ready whilst threatening my boys to not touch. I'm sure you can imagine how quickly this went for all the kids. Well, minus Lena because she just really likes to soak up the moment. God bless that girl. Nonna reminded us all that we only dye eggs just this once a year so we should enjoy it... And I've heard that a time or 35 and well, she's right. The kids let the eggs dry and went off to play while the moms each dyed just one egg of their own. We didn't have any crazy Pinterest ideas this year... just dye. Some paint. 

a deck update and a poll!

Alright so I need your help. Please please pretty please. But first, a little background...

Our deck is not very large. It gets full sun, morning to night. It gets hot. It gets crowded. We like to entertain and I have a very large family. So you can imagine what the deck situation was like when we had 15 people at once attempting a pool day. Matt and I also like to lay in the sun (don't tell our dermatologists) (who am I kidding they take one look the two of us and go, yup, sun worshipers). We had a pergola up for years that covered approximately 80% of the deck, but the poles were sort of always in the way, again with the crowding situation. I took these pictures on Sunday after Matt took down the pergola and removed the kid gates because well, we don't need them anymore (wah!). And yes, she needs a power wash and stain. Desperately. Here is what the deck looked like at the start of last summer, just as a reference. I'm also thinking this iron bench may be moved just to clear up more space? But it is nice to have some extra seating... we will have to see! Not all of our chairs are out either, four of them are still in basement storage...

a day in the life

Morning morning! I know I did one of these back in January but my Wednesday's are pretty bananas so I thought hey! Let us add to the madness! 

6:45 a.m.: I have decided recently that well, getting up a second before I have to is silly so. I set my alarm for the exact same time as the big kids need to get up. I wake them up, handing them their iPads with timers set for a few minutes later. The soft wakening. I get their toothbrushes ready and then strip the beds. I set up the pack and play for my nephew as this is a babysitting day for me. Then I head downstairs to help Matt get the kids dressed and out the door by 7:20. During which time I have my coffee. I ran around the house and dusted quick because BB8 will get a lot of work done today.

our weekend

The happiest of Mondays to all! Not that I'm happy about it per se but I am trying. I'd give myself a solid B effort.

Our weekend started off on the right foot with a lovely lunch with a friend. I really enjoy these monthly long lunches let me tell you! Matt was even able to watch Dom for this one so that was really a bit treat!