the chillest air show around!

So, the main event! The air show! We were all just so excited for this! Matt more than anyone. He knew what planes were coming and when and all of that. We left the house bright and early on Uncle Glenn's pontoon boat (10:30) and headed down the bay to this cove type situation for our viewing pleasure. The boys were rocking their tank tops which! They want nothing else in life but their tank tops. David especially. Git ya tank top on. Said in his very best Australian impersonation. Dom fell asleep almost right away on my lap which is always welcome and took the edge off of what was the start of a nasty cold. We brought a ton of food, although not enough, some guy had a grill on his boat, rude! We had tubes and sunscreen and music and anchors away! 

the beach, the first day

We just got back this Monday from a little jaunt down to Ocean City, Maryland, having spent the weekend with Matt's aunt and uncle. There was a reason for the visit, the air show, but more on that later as one does. We arrived late Thursday night per a suggestion from Uncle Glenn in order to avoid the traffic and I'm just so glad we did that. We then had a nice full day just enjoying it all on Friday. First at the pool and then after loading ourselves down like pack mules, at the beach.

family farm days

It's the start of summer staple! Drag the kids to Oregon Dairy. Ride the tractor through the dairy barns. Do the scavenger hunt and pet some animals. Sample some chocolate milk and some ice cream. It doesn't get much better! Minus the enormous crowds. That can go bye bye. I lost both boys for a few seconds (felt like hours) and I basically had a heart attack. So much so that a random stranger asked me if I was alright. Sure lady, I'm fine, just lost track of two of my kids and I figured that was the end of me. But I'm good now. But most importantly, my mama is back from Austria! Yaaay!

the first two days of summer vacation

The second school was over it was like full on party party party around these parts. We met the kids at the bus stop with loaded water guns and water balloons and it only went uphill from there (once I got Letty to stop crying about how she will miss her teacher that is). The kids wanted Panera Bread for lunch, so, yes. After that we met friends of ours for a little hike and then that turned into ice cream that then turned into a swim date. See also then dinner at my sister's with some park time! And we didn't have to rush out for bed times! That's how things roll around these parts I suppose.

an olsen swim

Even as I typed that title I didn't realize that there are barely any photos from this day of my niece and nephew... Sam's there, for sure, playing ball with his cousins. Future ball players, assemble! Anyways.  Last weekend we had the Olsens over for some swim time and the rain stayed away and it was just a great day to float and let the skin soak in all that glorious vitamin D!