our thanskgiving day

We travel quite far on our Thanksgiving day.... just shy of four miles to our north, to my parent's house. Each and every year since the beginning of time. The kids play fight and hang with their cousins, Matt and my mom cook, and the rest of us just sort of wait around for all the eating to begin, which it does as soon as my uncle and his family arrive in from New York... bearing all the meats and  the cheeses. The foods. My dad's sister and her family came down this year as well so we had quite the group going! Twenty-seven of us I think if my counting serves me right? My uncle goes right to work on the cold cut bread too which is what I am here for. All the antipasto is my thing. The rest of the meal I can just leave but the goods from Long Island? Nope. 

As per the usual a lot of these photos are my sister-in-law's.

our thanksgiving break

I typically like to just book up our time off of school with all of the things in all of the land. Make the most out of it you know? This break was sort of an exception for me. There was a lot of days at home with nothing to do and the kids just playing... not a ton of big evening plans out or anything... Who am I?! But what we did do was eat. A ton of that! Which makes sense because ya know, Thanksgiving break.

Break started with a half day and typically we go out to lunch but this year I had scheduled all the kid's conferences for that afternoon. My mom watched the boys and they played in the leaves and had just the very best time while Letty went with us to school. She had to lead her own conference which was interesting but good. Then she had tutoring... so I treated her to Panera on our way there.

'twas the night before thanksgiving

And all through Lancaster County, all the kids in all the land went to Lancaster Cupcake for their story time and cupcake decorating.

Well, maybe not all, but definitely a lot. I took Dom to one of these last year and thought it was so cute and so when my sister found one that all the kids could go to I thought, why not?! But everyone was off of school and so it was quite chaotic. I'm glad we got there early and staked out a few chairs. The story was the Night Before Thanksgiving and then the cupcakes were turkeys. They sort of look like Hei Hei from Moana. In my opinion. We listed and then we decorated and then we went on our merry way. 

And see also our old neighbors showed up too! Twice in one week! What are the chances!

frozen ii

Letty was the prime age when the first Frozen came out. She was instantly obsessed. As soon as was possible she watched it daily. She couldn't wait to meet Anna and Elsa (which she has, quite a few times, thanks to her Poppop). She has had a Frozen birthday party. She has seen Frozen on Ice. She has all the dresses to play dress up. She. Loved. It. 

So you can imagine how excited we were to see the sequel! Six years later! We went with my mom, sister and sister-in-law and nieces. And of course we had to have them in matching shirts because have we met? My mom treated the girls to their little snacks and we settled in to be entertained! I'm sure you've all heard that the movie is wonderful albeit a little dark at times. But that Olaf is just the best comedic relief ever! 

And surprise surprise! Our old neighbors were there too! Just like the first time! And even in the same row! What a world!

david's class thanksgiving party

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Full of all the good things I hope?

I'm still playing a wee bit of catch up, starting with David's class party. His teacher wanted it to be a Thanksgiving type party instead of say, Halloween. Which was fine with me, gave me more time and all of that. I came up with a few games and some activities, and then an Indian corn craft followed by snacks. Which I figure is how every class party should end. With food! David seemed to have fun! And I think it is so wild that he has like four kids from his baseball team in his class! I mean out of what, seven second grade classrooms in this elementary school alone to have that many? Wild, absolutely wild. And for once I feel like he's getting himself a little tribe going you know? And they are all such good kids I am a major fan!