the final hersheypark visit of the summer

And I stand by that statement. I wanted to get a final visit in before the water park closes for the year and before the kids all head back to school... My sister-in-law came along for the ride as well. We had ourselves an early quick bite at Wendy's (the summer of food, I know) and then headed right to the water park. Which I thought was open until eight but actually it closed at six. So we had maybe a half hour in there. At least we can say we did it! Matt took the bigger two down one of the bigger slides so... trying to find that silver lining.

let’s bowl!

This was on my list all the summer long, to go bowling! We are just so very terrible at it but it's still a fun time! One must laugh at one's self no? The whole family got together and off we went! I had the most horrifically ugly shoes and if anyone can guess what Matt's name for me on the board means than I guess we are friends! Side eye Matt. I don't even know who won what games but I have a feeling it was probably Letty. Ashley and Colton might as well just play on their own team and leave the lot of us to just laugh at ourselves... All while my father stands on the sidelines and judges us. 

a moon gazing night!

In an effort to get everything done that I want to get done before school rears it's ugly (give me a break here on that) head we had ourselves a little fun night last week! We brought out Matt's telescope.... We had a fire and s'mores and a night swim! The kids were all about looking at the moon and whatever planets they could see. We even saw rings! They brought out their space books and of course Dom's ever present spider, Jaxson. Things nightmares are made of. And he chose that name because that is his best friend's name from school. So I guess he misses him, or something. 

some summer moments

We are just soaking up every last second of summer around here! This is our final week and I'm sure you can imagine just how that is making me feel... Stay forever please! 

So as of late we have had ourselves some summer storms and some rainbows... Lots of time with cousins and some time with friends and play dates galore. We have eaten far too much delicious food courtesy of that husband of mine. And of course lots and lots of pool days! Our old neighbors joined our gym and we all just could not be happier about it! I've watched my nieces and nephew a few times lately and you know baby snuggles are a favorite of mine! I took the kids to see Aladdin and I loooved it! And I've also welcomed the change from The Descendants 3 soundtrack with the Aladdin one. Variety is the spice of life!

my lena girl turned five!

My sister and her family moved recently and so little Lena's big day was sort of lost a bit in translation during that process. So about a week later we all gathered and their new house to ring in five years with that precious little lady! And do not worry, my sister only moved like, six minutes further away from me and still in the same district so we can breathe! She didn't leave us!