it's a holiday special: the living room and kitchen

I could pretty much say that every room is THE favorite room of the house... but this may really be the favorite. It has the biggest tree in the house, covered in ornaments from the past 31 years of my life and every vacation destination I've ever been to. It has five (!) stockings hung by the chimney with care. It has all our old Christmas family photos from when we had a dog to just one baby. It's red and green and pretty all over.


I saved all my Christmas cards from last year and have them displayed on the cabinets kind of like a Christmas present. I had the best time seeing what's changed in a year as I was looking through all the photos.... a friend newly engaged... all these new babies, so many people moving to different places!


Let me express my thoughts and feelings on this addition. It is not present in the aforementioned photos simply because it was a late addition and well... Call me lazy but I wasn't about to retake all the photos. Regardless. I had a vision. I found the wreath here. Weighing in at a hefty two pounds I thought surely a Command Strip meant for three pounds would do the trick. Sadly no. Three failed attempts and a broken Noel stocking holder later I gave in and simply nailed the ribbon to the drywall directly above the mirror. But for a few days the struggle was real. It was real. And. Boo on you Command Strips.

 This falls in neither the kitchen nor the living room category but I like my little chalkboard platter in the bathroom. The end.



meet my wine crate obsession.

I can tell you exactly when this obsession began. I mean I've always loved wine. Okay I have loved wine since my Grandma first gave me a sip here and there and mostly reds but I branch out often. This crate specific thing though happened on Super Bowl Sunday in the year of our Lord 2011. I was at my girlfriend Molly's new house which looks like it stepped right out of a magazine, as it should seeing as she runs the shop here. She had these crates. Above her cabinets. With large grapes coming out of them. And I knew they were to be mine. 

This is where I think she told a bit of a fib in order to keep it a secret from me. She said she went to the local wine store and asked an employee if they had any, and they gave her them for free. That's the story. She sticks to it. She has tons of them. She gives them away to people. So Matt and I start on Mission Wine Crate. 

And we fail. Every wine store we enter laughs at us. Matt asks to be put on wait list after wait list where we never receive a call. For months this continues. I finally go in and try and use what little charm I may have and - great success! I actually get one. Maybe you have to be a female in order to get one? I start to feel like Michael Tonello in Bringing Home the Birkin. What is the formula one must use in order to get a crate? We still haven't figured it out. 

Molly's mother gives me another one, God bless her kind soul. I now have two.

Through the years The Quest for The Crate has subsided some. Usually no more than a cursory ask every time we buy our wine. That is until a few weeks ago when Matt ventures into a Delaware Wine Mecca. Where he sees them in stacks. For the low price of $2. He brings me home two. One complete with a lid! Can you imagine?! STACKS.

So besides the crate above the cabinet I now have...

The crate otherwise known as my Living Room Diaper Changing Station. You just don't know what's in there. But I can tell you. Wipes. Diaps. Maybe some Desitin. And in a few short weeks things needed for a newborn boy. Because they are special.

The crate that used to be a shelf (a shelf for kid's crafts!) but now just hides out under our entertainment center. Which is most definitely warping in the middle but Matt refuses to acknowledge this. And yes our children touch our tv and yes it most definitely is not allowed and it greatly upsetting.

The crate that just raised a basket of corks in our dining room but that may someday store other fun things. Like what? I have no idea. Stuff. The world is my oyster.

I think Matt needs to make a monthly wine and wine crate run. I've got great plans for these things. Great plans. Just see my Pinterest board. I'm open to any and all suggestions as well. And do I stain them? What about a weathered look? Oh the possibilities. The mind reels with them.



it's a holiday special: the foyer and playroom

Welcome to the madness that I like to entitle: Christmas Decorating. I do this early. Oh so early. It's been something I've been struggling with since childhood and has only increased with age. This year throw a pregnancy into the mix and well, I believe it was November 5 or something and the whole house was ready for December 25. Call me what you will. 

This year was quite fun in that the whole house was new. To me anyways. It took a great deal longer for me to get it all out of wherever it was stored and to organize it and then to decide where each item should go. Exhausting, yes, but fun. I needed several new things, including a garland for this grand ole foyer of ours. I enlisted my mother as usual with all things crafty and also Christmas to help me. And by help me I mean make the entire thing while I was delegated such meaningful tasks as cutting strips of wire into appropriate lengths. But I do love how it turned out.


The playroom added a whole new spectrum to my decorating needs. In our old house the playroom was upstairs and so therefore was neglected in the decor process. This year the room became the Santa room. Doesn't everyone buy a new Santa each year of their married lives? No? Pity.



Last year's decor here.



these are a few of my favorite things

Raindrops on roses. Whiskers on kittens. Brown papered packages tied up with string. These are a few of my favorite things.

And then there is the real deal. The list I have been cultivating on the good old Amazon.com. The things I'm really kinda hoping I'll be finding under my tree courtesy of Santa. Or my parents. Or Matt. Or the Santa that is Secret. Or a really good sale. Otherwise known as the most random assortment of nonsense imaginable.

1// ESR iPhone 6 case. I have a perfectly wonderful case already for my phone but it never hurts to have a backup. Necessary this is not but it kind of is fun.  2// Women's Puffer Jacket. I feel like I'm in the market for a new coat. One that says I like to be formal, but I'm here to party. Or is just really really warm. And red. Love red. 3// Cards Against Humanity. I realize I am about a hundred years behind the times with this one but it always makes me giggle. The inappropriateness.  4// Chalkboard Marker. I want to give this a whirl. I've been a regular chalk user for almost two years now and I want to branch out and attempt the marker situation. See what it's all about. 5// Bushel and a Peck Pillow.  My house is never going to be done trying to be Pottery Barn. Ever. 6// Written in My Own Heart's Blood.  I still have two more to read before I get to this one in the series but I should be prepared for when that time comes. 7// Ikea GURLl Throw. See number five. 8// Alex and Ani 'L' Bangle. Steph got me the grape bangle before I even knew how to verbalize what exactly I was looking for in a bangle. She knows me too well. I'll take a few bunch more of these because I think they are kind of perfect. 9// Touch Screen Gloves. I hate removing my gloves to type on my phone. I hate even more using the hole in my gloves to this advantage. It may be time to invest.

So there it is. My most random list to date.

Linking up with April, Elise, Katie, Zelle for the second annual My Favorite Things festivities. Thanks for hosting ladies!



when your best friend turns six

When your best friend turns six you celebrate twice. You just do. First you go to Chuck E Cheese like we do for my birthday. Oh! I got invited to a birthday party by a friend from school. I asked mom if I could wear the dress I wore to Aunt Beth's wedding. Mommy said that it wasn't a formal affair but I hear party and all bet's are off. Mommy tells me I should get back to the point. We went here for E's birthday on her actual birthday. Which was a Thursday (I'm learning my days of the week at school, I always forget Thursday). And E is my best friend. The apple to my cider. The Elsa to my Anna.  

And my hair looked a mess. Says my mom. Strooglepader or some such German word. Grammy and Nonna and mommy use weird words.

We gave her Scooby Doo stuffs because she loves Scooby Dooby. She is Daphne. I am Thelma. And Mark is always Fred. She opened her presents and we played played played. I even took my boots offs and climbed up by the big slide. I told mom when I woke up in the morning when there were no more sleeps till E's party that I would. I didn't wants to come down. Liam got scared and he started crying. I got him help. Aunt Stephs had to go up and get him. I love Liam too. He is going marry me.

We had pizza and Stephs made these blue cupcakes with Frozen rings and I take them home. We played games and got tickets and I drove a motorcycle (dangerous!). Liam climbed up the skee ball thing while the daddies just watched and mommy and Stephs found this most upsetting. Mommy grabbed Aunt Steph's bubbies on accident to get her attention. I laugh at my Liam.


Then a few days later we went to E house (which is next to the little house, where we used to live) for another party. E's family and Liam were there and I love their house. E has lots of toys and tons and tons of snacks and things like juice boxes. And she let me wear her Halloween costume which was a peacock. 

There was blue rock candy and a pinata full of snacks and E got a fairy and it flew. David cried when it flew. Loud noises are upsetting to him and I tell him it's okay but sometimes I think he just likes to cry because then people go "awh" and stuffs.

We are the luckiest two, my mommy and me, because we have E and Aunt Stephs. My mommy and E's mommy love each other and E and me love each other and that's what daddy calls winner winner chicken dinner. I can't believe that E is six. I think she is four like me but everyone always reminds me that E is older than I am. I don't believe it. I don't remember life before E. I told my mommy that I wanted to sit by Aunt Stephs because she is booeeful. E got sad because she thought that meant I didn't think she was booeeful but mommy made it all better by talking about the baby, because E is excited for the baby.

And E is really booeeful too.

 Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear EEEEEEEEE. Happy birthday to you.

When you turned five.


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