Last year my Grammy allowed a celebration of sorts for her 90th birthday, which as we all know is a really big deal of epic proportions. To be 90. This year however, she informed us all that any birthdays after 90 should just be ignored. While we respected her wishes to a certain extent we simply could not ignore it completely. And I secretly think that she didn't want us to. She asked why there was no candle on her cupcake. Now does that sound like someone who wants a birthday ignored? Why no. It does not.

My sister and Lena, my mother, and myself and the kids all took upon her house on her birthday armed with diaper bags, baby carriers, flowers and cupcakes to give her somewhat of a celebration. She said she spent over an hour on the phone earlier that day with a friend from her past who has twenty-two great-grandchildren. Could you imagine she said? Twenty-two?! She has enough difficulty remembering the names of the eight great-grandchildren she has got. For example, she remembers Dominic's name by thinking of pizza and she calls him Domino. I think at 91 you are entitled to call your great-grandchildren just whatever you would like.

She hates having her photo taken so naturally we all made her pose with her great-grandchildren in attendance because when it is one's birthday you get to do exactly what you want right?

She may have succeeded in no party this year. But let me tell you. I won't take no for an answer when it comes time for her 95th. I'm going to insist upon a large party. Rightfully so.




On the chalkboard: I love this song. David loves this song. He finds it on YouTube somehow and I kinda love that. So with absolutely nothing as my guide I made this. Maybe my handwriting is starting to improve?

Reading: I have a million other books I want to read. Including this one by Dayna's husband, which I must say I am quite looking forward to. But I am so deep in this world of Claire and Jamie I have to finish what I started. A Breath of Snow and Ashes is the sixth in the series - I am getting there! I still have some time before Outlander returns to Starz in April. 

Watching with Matt: The Other Woman. I find this hysterical. Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz make such a great pair. And Matt enjoys looking at Kate Upton. Running. On a beach.
Eating: I have a problem. Since having Dom I have been trying to be healthier, mainly not stuffing five Christmas tree cakes a day into my mouth. But! I have never wanted sweets more. I swear there is legit crack in those cakes. In the mean time I grab a spoonful of PB every time I walk past the pantry. Maybe it's nursing. Or maybe it's the cakes. Blame the cakes. 

Drinking: Just like every parent of a newborn, coffee is how we survive. Lots and lots of coffee. And mine is just in my fun new monogrammed mug. 

Planning: Sigh. Legos. The kids got a half a dozen sets between the two of them for Christmas. How does one organize them? I have a plan (hence the 'planning'). I found a table at Target that we will upgrade for this purpose. And put it in the basement. Out of sight out of mind. As it should be. 

Thinking about: This is a conundrum. David sleeps sooo very well. I mean. Perfectly. He's still in his crib. And I know eventually I will need to think about potty training. And well how does one get out of your crib to pee? Letty started climbing out of hers when David was born but he has not done that even though I feared it. So eventually a move needs to be made. His crib converts to a toddler bed or a full sized. Do we bite the bullet and just go big or go home? Or leave him in there till kindergarten? He really doesn't like change very much. Very stuck in his ways that boy. But he is outgrowing it a wee bit. 

Watching on the treadmill: All the things. And I should probably change this to watching on the treadmill/elliptial but alas. Here I am. Sometimes I read on the elliptical too. I've caught up on all I missed whilst taking my postpartum break.  Once Upon a Time, The Vampire Diaries, Revenge and The Good Wife. All shows Matt could care less about and so are saved for my morning work out time.

As I type this: Oprah calls it "multi-tasking". Feeding a baby. Burping a baby. Blogging. Cuddling with a sleeping baby, etc.

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I've seen these "photo a week" posts floating around on other blogs for quite some time, and while I'm about four weeks late to the game I figure better late than never, eh? I like the idea of seeing each child doing something they actually do in that week. Not so much posed, just real life. I thought to myself okay well no pressure if you miss a week or maybe ten but we all know I thrive on self-induced pressure so. There's that. My first installment....

Dominic, aged 6 weeks: He was born with a clogged tear duct in his left eye and shortly afterwards was gifted a cold. The poor thing could hardly open his eye from all the goop that collected there. The pediatrician gave us antibacterial ointment and wala! The world awaits you Dominic! Soak it all up. 

David, aged 2.5 years: He is a sensitive soul. He takes things very personally and expresses his distress right on his face. The saying "wear your heart on your sleeve" is his mantra. From a booboo to a sister in time out, he shows us he does not like it one bit. 

Letteria, aged 4 years: School has finally taught her the value of coloring in the lines, and therefore coloring is more enjoyable for all. I enjoy that she can get them herself, doesn't eat them anymore and the occupation of it all. It's a big kid activity that I can thoroughly encourage. 



explain to me these five things...

Please explain to me...

1| How we have been driving Letty to school three times a week since September and yet every single day I have to think to myself... now when do we leave to drop her off? 8:45? Sometimes I even take it so far as to check the school's start time in the handbook. Before long I'll be using Google Maps to see how long it should take us to go from our house to the school.

2| How I constantly neglect to remember (that's fancy for forget) that Dominic requires a burp after every feeding, during the feeding, etc. I walk him around and around the first floor and think to myself, self, I guess he doesn't have to burp! I put him in his swing. I buckle him. I go pee or start to pump or what have you and sure enough the grunts and discord can be heard from the swing. Low and behold! Baby had to burp! And no post would be complete without the obligatory photo of Dominic.

3| How we have a constant black sock battle in this house. Black, no show, athletic socks. Women's socks. Matt and I have the same size feet, because I get them from my grandma and well, he is a hobbit. But with those feet of Frodo proportions comes the fatness of the hobbit feet as well. So when Matt goes to his sock drawer and he finds it empty he simply walks to my sock drawer and helps himself. Before you know it I have holes in my socks from the hobbit girth. We purchase socks multiple times a year. Multiple. It really is getting quite out of foot.

4| How come I have suddenly become someone who craves sugar. Craves Christmas Tree Cakes to be exact. And while we are on the subject please explain to me how come the local discount grocery store that always had them is suddenly out of stock of the Valentine's Day Cake counterpart?!

5| How I could write sentence after sentence about burping and not be ashamed of myself. Because I assure you, I most certainly am not. Burping is real.

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postpartum life and must haves 5 weeks out

I know. The photo is a bit blurry but when the man smiles up at you and it is finally recorded digitally one must share.

Not the life for me, this postpartum nonsense. Which is not nonsense at all but very serious and sometimes awful business. Those first two weeks were by far the worst I've had yet (out of three deliveries). Physical discomforts. Breastfeeding woes. Sick older children and the fear that brings for the baby. Hand washing. Diapers upon diapers. Spit up and milk everywhere. Inpatient toddlers. The lack of sleep ain't got nothing on that list. But in between all of that you hold in your arms a precious little miracle. A miracle that in our case we wanted for a long long time and went to great measures to get. Blood work and tests and shots and suppositories (yuck) and IUI's and a zillion doctor appointments later and here you are, 10 months later, holding the fruits of that labor. Literally. Kind of makes the rest of it fade.

All that said I know this baby to be our last. This recovery has been sort of burned that into my brain and the lack of a fifth bedroom has further dampened any other prospects. 

Once my body decided to get it's schtuff together, which in the scheme of things was a minor thing as it took only three weeks till I felt like me again, I took matters into my own hands and I started working out. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't.  So I did that. And that helped dramatically. I had my 45 minutes to myself. My old routine. My old shows. Me time. 45 blissful minutes. And yes I took it easy and listened to my body as they say. I am pleased to report that as of these five weeks out I only have a pound and a half to go to be back to my pre-Dom weight so. Thumbs up. If we want to talk about pre-kids weight I'm afraid I can't share that. Ways and heaps and pounds to go. 

Things that have been postpartum life savers? 

I require an arsenal worthy of the pharmacy department at Target. Tucks. Dermoplast. Prep H (hate to say it but it's true). Pads. Lots of pads. Ibuprofen. An ab binder (similar here) that honestly I don't know how I ever had a baby without one! Nursing tanks which I repeat, where have you been all my postpartum life!? My boppy. And don't forget the wine. If I were to be stranded on a deserted island and knew I would be having a baby there, this is what I would pack in my postpartum bag. In bulk. And maybe the prayer of a freezer full of ice.

Lots of ice.

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