viva las vegas and such

I have had the pleasure of visiting Las Vegas on three separate occasions. All prior to my 21st birthday. So if you're looking for a post about gambling and drinking and stripper poles this is not that post. 

My first visit was in 1998. I was 15 and the Backstreet Boys were performing at the Billboard Awards. My cousin had to go and lucky me I was chosen as her companion. We stayed at the MGM Grand. We ate our breakfast a mere table away from Jerry Springer. We saw a magic show and went to the top of the Stratosphere after visiting Old Las Vegas. We took a helicopter into the Grand Canyon where I was given just a sip of champagne with our picnic lunch. I really got the red carpet treatment with my uncle. I even had sushi for the first time (!).

My second visit was a very last minute addition to a semi-business trip of my fathers. I was a freshmen in college and my boyfriend and I at the time were on spring break. My dad was going out to drive a race car as a kind of thank you from corporate GE and so I invited myself along. We stayed at the Bellagio (I KNOW!). We had a wonderful dinner at the Venetian. We saw the Amazing Johnathan. We rode the rollercoaster at the New York New York. We took a Pink Jeep Tour to the Hoover Dam. We bungee jumped at Circus Circus. Yes. We most certainly did. We also took touristy photos like this one.
My third visit was the following year. Same deal, same group with two new additions. My brother and sister came along as well. We stayed at The Mirage. We got to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Las Vegas. I took my sister to see an Andy Warhol exhibit. We took another Pink Jeep Tour to the Hoover Dam. Dam good tour that one. My sister and I did a lot of walking around window shopping in Caesar's Palace. And this final trip would be the only one with any real pictures.... and that is because it was the year I got my first digital camera. 

 Doesn't my dad look great in red?


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so long disney days

Well that just flew by (did it?). Over twelve weeks of Disney Days and here we are. On the eve of our adventure. In just a few short hours the car will be packed to the gills. The gas tank will be filled. And we will be on our way south. Not just for Disney, no. But even more important than that (yes I have my priorities straight) we will be spending a nice long Easter weekend with my entire family in West Palm Beach. We haven't all been together for a happy event in quite some time. And we could all use a little company. A lot of laughter and noise and even more delicious food is all on the agenda. Whilst I'm gone I have some lovely ladies popping by to say hello and a few things scheduled in between. 


Thank you Laurie from Disney 'n Diapers for joining in on Disney Days! I'll leave you all with an inordinate amount of photos from the last two trips (only!) that didn't otherwise make it into the other posts. 

So long, farewell, Disney Days!


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