the zoo with cousins

If I waited around for a time to make it to the zoo when the bigger kids would go well then, I'd never go. Which is a shame because it is included with our Hersheypark season passes so we should take advantage of it. And it only takes like, forty-five minutes to walk through and that's even with the littlest of legs. 

So last week we headed up to see what we could see at Zoo America.

dominic's first day of pre-k!

This week was Dom's first week of school. Technically Monday, although he didn't leave my presence. He totally knows the drill, the building, the bathrooms and even the fish. He knows about half the class from last year so that helps immensely. Not to mention that his teacher this year was David's teacher years ago and well, he's been waiting for her ever since. 

a morning of all the fall things

And if that blog title makes you start singing Blink 182 well then, you're welcome.

Last Thursday on a day that was quite chilly for early September (notice the differences in how my sister and I dress our children) we all headed to Masonic Villages for some apple picking! Will drive far distances for such an experience! As much as I miss my elder two of course, it is quite refreshing to only have to worry about one other soul at a place such as this. Watching my sister and sister-in-law checking for their two each made me almost feel like I was on a vacation. Just me and my buddy Dom. Although I do feel sad that they missed out on this fall activity, but I'm sure we will go back, because that is just what we do!

our labor day weekend

A week out and I'm finally getting around to our Labor Day Weekend... typically I have these holiday weekends booked to the very minute but this one I just had... nothing. I was waiting on some info about baseball but other than that I have no excuse. I was just, taking it easy, I guess. But even with that said we still had quite the busy and wonderful weekend to wrap up our summer!

Friday night we had Chinese at my parent's house with all the cousins and sprinklers and popsicles galore!

a neighborhood partay

When we were first looking to move back to my hometown we had visited this very development we currently live in. On Labor Day Weekend. The very same day that they were having this quite large and in charge party by the park. We drove through the development and looked at the crowds of people and the colorful bounce houses and thought oh... how fun! 

Fast forward five years and we have never been to said Labor Day party. We know they have it each and every year... and we know a few people who go... but we never went. Well this year, we went. Finally. 

They had a whole pig (!), a dunk tank, lots of food, a petting zoo and a wagon ride over to the farm across the street complete with a barrel train. My brother-in-law and his family joined us for a bit as well! Mingling with friends new and old and the kids just tearing around being kids with neighbors! I let my eldest do a few things I normally wouldn't but I guess she is nine so I best let her have a little bit of space right? Like tiny baby infant space yes?