our father's day


Our Father's Day started out with all of yesterday's antics as you all know... but it ended with a big family dinner at my parent's house. Somehow my mom did almost all the cooking herself, trying to make as many favorites as possible to suit the four dad's of the group. After dinner we took to outside so my dad could show off the new tricks his drone can do (mainly be programmed for a flight which is pretty cool) and then the kids (and a few dads) ran around in the sprinklers. All before calling it a night and heading home to put those very same kids to bed. I've said it a hundred times before and I'll say it again I'm sure forever and ever... but what did we ever do without kids? They just add so much joy and entertainment and love to a day. Any old day, not just on Father's Day.
It may have ended quite low-key but I think that the dads enjoyed themselves. I hope they know how much they are loved and appreciated by all!


the boardwalk and the shore


Last week while at Hersheypark Steph and I wandered through the water park area just to get a lay of the land. I had been dreading this water park. It's so much larger than DW's and it just seemed so overwhelming. After a nice walk through I felt much better about tackling this. And Matt decided that he wanted to do just that on his Father's Day. 

David can't do many of the slides, actually only two of the small red ones in the one section. Letty can go on all but two of the large slides and frankly I am thankful because those two that she can't go on look intense. There's enough variety that I think we will all be able to stick together and not get bored in whatever section, so on days when Matt isn't there I'll be able to take the kids myself and not lose them. Hopefully.

We get in to the park an hour earlier than regular admission people (makes me feel like such a baller) and we knew we were literally only doing the water park so we arrived at about 9:45 and just walked right over to the water park area. We packed a lunch and left it in the car with the kids dry clothes and stayed in the water park until about 12:50 which is when we went to the car, changed the kids and headed home while they ate. 

Lockers are $15 for the small size so sorry, that isn't happening. I just hid my diaper bag under the back seat in the stroller... under Matt's tshirt and put a dirty (pee) diaper on top... But I was constantly checking on it and worried that someone would steal my entire life that's stored in there. It was fine but I think for any future water park run I will use this that Matt had Amazon Primed (thanks mom and dad) to me for my phone and season pass and I'll just leave my camera and wallet in the car.
Life jackets are required for certain areas and certain heights. All my kids need to wear them in The Shore area. They have lots of them free for use on a first come first serve basis. It worked for Dom but I'm sure it was uncomfortable because it was a bit too large. I plan on bringing his Puddle Jumper next time. As long as it's Coast Guard approved, which they are. You may need to show life guards but that's not a big deal. 
Those life guards! They are constantly scanning the water I was so impressed. It was like their head was on an automatic track. Scanning in the exact same way each rotation. Made me feel so much better than at DW. 
I really liked how you couldn't get in and out of a certain area without going through turnstiles. Whereas at DW it is just open season. Here it's more closed off. Only one entrance and exit for each section minus the splash pad. This bodes well for solo trips with me and the kids. 

The only area that I didn't get any photos of was the Lazy Mile and well that would have been impossible to bring my camera in. Dom hated it and so I ran the Lazy Mile holding him with the inner tube around my waist trying to find an exit, which unless you rent a cabana there is only one.... So. Maybe next time I'll take a spin by my lonesome.
And lastly, just keep in mind you'll have to repaint all your nails because that place is full of chlorine. As it should be. 

It was one of the more intense places I've taken my kids but thankfully we had Matt and it all was fine. A learning experience if you will. We will get there! Here's to many more visits!


10 vs 3.5


We spent over ten hours in the car on Saturday last for three and a half hours spent at my cousin's graduation party. They are twins, so it's double the fun. Bet they never heard that before right? 

What are our other options when it comes to this drive? Spending the night with family of course... Getting a hotel... But through the years we have learned it's just better to do it all in a day, rather than pack up all we would need for a night's stay. And my parents? They will have done this whole there-and-back routine three weekends in a row. Celebrating family! So yes, we drive there. And party. Then drive home. A drive that could take only three and a half hours (I've been known to have made it just shy of three...) but it's New York so there is always traffic, ie it always takes longer. In this circumstance over five hours... the final stretch pretty much all stop and go. Anyways. We got there. 

I don't know about where you come from, so I can only speak to my experience with my own, but it was a swim in the pool and have soda and chips kind of thing when I graduated high school (am I exaggerating? Maybe a little.). With family and some friends. In New York that doesn't fly. In New York there are DJs and dance floors. Mechanical Bulls and photo booths. Camp fires and a smores station. Dessert bars... Tiny little grilled cheeses that were brought to you on a platter. Tiny little oreo cupcakes. And those marshmallows that were all different flavors? Who knew is all I can say.

We got Letty a Shirley Temple upon arrival as a reward for good behavior... David went down the rabbit hole for awhile after he was told he was too small to ride the bull (New York and their insurance laws must be stricter than PA when it comes to bull riding age). Dom and Lena enjoyed the dance floor immensely. We got to spend time with cousins and aunts and uncles and do a lot of eating and so on. And thank God they had porn on the pob for David to get him back from whence he came.
 And then after all that was done we kissed our family goodbye and returned home to a state with lesser traffic. Thank God. I would have a coronary if I had to drive in that daily. 


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