our weekend


The happiest of Mondays to all! Not that I'm happy about it per se but I am trying. I'd give myself a solid B effort.

Our weekend started off on the right foot with a lovely lunch with a friend. I really enjoy these monthly long lunches let me tell you! Matt was even able to watch Dom for this one so that was really a bit treat!
After the kids got home our Fitz's came over for a little Saint Patrick's Day celebration. Matt made this Guinness Irish Stew that was not very pretty to look at but  was just so darn tasty. He's actually making it again today for my family. The mashed potatoes under the stew was quite the deal. See also we had beer which we rarely do, other than in the summer. But when you're celebrating this holiday beer is sort of a must right?
Of course these nights always end up in the basement with the kids playing with the Kinect. Lots of running around. And more Kinect. And apparently Christmas jammies for David.
Saturday morning was field hockey bright and early with Letty while the boys stayed home with Matt. We have quite the group of hockey moms now and ya know what? I don't hate it. I see them at Girl Scouts and at hockey and some even at church too and I like this little group Letty has become a part of! I have a feeling we will be sitting at the sides of a lot of future games together. 
After hockey and tubs all around we headed over to Fox Meadow Creamery because Matt had a hankering for ice cream. He did, not me. But I'll never say no to that! Dom fell asleep on the way home and ended up sleeping the afternoon away, guess he needed it! We spent the afternoon plotting our next little family of five getaway and we are so so excited! 
Matt made these "nachos" for dinner where instead of the nacho you use a mini bell pepper? Sneaky. Very tasty with the addition of ranch and well, cheese... Epitome of health, we are.
That husband of mine got it in his head that he and the kids would have a slumber party in the basement on Saturday night. Air mattress and all. And since I am the fun mom I said noooo to the way I'll be up in my bed getting a decent night's sleep and well, I'm sure you can imagine who was regretting it the next morning and who was saying I told you so. I am just a peach. But the kids had a wonderful time and that's what really matters now isn't it?
Sunday morning was breakfast at my parent's house... heavy on the grapefruit juice because it is just the very best. I cheated once more and had some of this french toast casserole thing even though as a general rule I do not do casseroles this one is worth the exception.
After getting all our indoor Sunday chores done and everything ready for the coming week we all headed out back to do some outdoorsy chores since it was supposed to be almost fifty degrees. Matt got a ton done and the kids got filthy but we need these Sundays full of sun. Sunny Sundays! We need more outside time in general. Spring please come please!
We put the kids to bed early last night in hopes that then we too would be able to go to bed early. See aforementioned slumber party decision...

Here's to a good week everyone!


and a happy saint patrick's day! eve!


You know how we do... We have a festive shirt; we put them all on and we take pictures.  And mom wouldn't have it any other way! This may be the last year we get it to all happen that way so hey! Even more reason! We are celebrating tonight with our most favorite Irish family, our Fitzs (also the kind giver of said Irish wear)! Matt is going to get beer and make some potatoes and drag it through South Boston. Thanks for comin' out! 

Sorry this is the time of year I quote a lot of Boondock Saints. Anyways enjoy the holiday! Or don't, depending on what you do. But hey! It's the weekend! Cheers to that!
Past year's festive pictures hereherehere, and here!


moversary. four years!


So much has changed since we moved back to the town where I pretty much grew up. We have ourselves a whole other human... Two kids are now in school full time... And inside these four walls the changes happen at a break neck pace. I usually enjoy doing a little square of photos to compare to one I took when we first moved in but that is always missing some major major rooms. So this year I thought I'd do a little side by side. I'm not sure a room went by that was unchanged in the year... typical! I tried to recreate the angle and spot that Matt took when he took these but alas, he is a bit taller than I so I did the best I could.

First up of course on this virtual tour is the foyer... The top of each photo is how the house looked when we purchased it... Bottom is how it looks yesterday. Obv.
 Looking back down the hallway into the foyer from the kitchen...
 The powder room off said hallway...
 The kitchen. Which I think probably  had the biggest change...
 The living room.
 Laundry, which is right off the eat-in kitchen.
 Looking back into the kitchen and eat-in kitchen area from the living room.
 Heading into dining room from kitchen.
 View back into dining room as seen from our playroom.
 The playroom as seen from the dining room.
 The playroom as seen from the foyer and front door. What a sight to walk in to right?
 Matt's office.
 Letty's room.
 David's room.
 Dominic's room.
 Our master bedroom.
 Our master bathroom.
 And then the basement before and after's...

What is left?

Our master bath shower is always on the list of course. 
We plan on getting an electric awning for our back deck.... hoping to clear up some space the pergola hogged up and also to shade more of the deck for our pool days. The furniture out there will also get a change up. Naturally.

I'm sure there will be more, there always is with us!


charter day charter day!


This past Sunday was Charter Day here in Pennsylvania. Now I realize quite a few fellow Pennsylvanians don't know what Charter Day is let alone the rest of you... It's a historical day involving, you guessed it, a charter. But what I enjoy most about it is that on this day all state museums are free. So we always go to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. It is most fun. Trains. Climbing aboard them. Going under them. Going over them. Asking any whatever question that pops into David's head. Pulling levers and such.

This year we were there exactly at opening which I would highly recommend. We got a good parking spot and were able to go on all the trains without having to wait in any lines. I know Letty is over this whole train thing but she at least puts up with it. For how many more years I just don't know. And who knows, maybe next year we will try a different state museum. Who's to say. 
Past year's Charter Day's here, here and here.


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