valentine's gifts that stick around, time-wise.


Valentine's Day is soon upon us and with that once more comes the age old question of what to get those that you love? Or in other words, a shameless reminder to my husband of things that he can get his beloved. I mean who doesn't love the standard flowers and/or candy bit right? But those things don't last! All that money and then in the trash or in the belly it goes and that makes me sad. I'd much rather money be spent on things that'll be around for the long haul. Some of these gift ideas I already have and some I just really want to have:

\\jord fieldcrest green sandalwood watch: I have gotten so many compliments on my watch that I mean, who wouldn't want to give the gift of spontaneous compliments from strangers to someone you care about? These watches are such high quality and so gorgeous and also? It comes sized to your little wrist and how special will that make your someone special feel?\\phases of the moon banner: I'm not necessarily a granola eating hippie or anything but I just have a thing lately for moon phases. I've seen this banner done a few different ways and I love it. And if moon phases aren't your thing there are tons of other fun wall banners for your someone special too.\\how to be parisian wherever you are: love, style, and bad habits: This book came highly recommended. Kerri wouldn't steer me wrong, now would she? Paris and reading and fabulousness all tied into one!\\will run for wine tank: This is self explanatory right? Something comfy and something wine related and something that even throws running into the mix is pretty much my jam. I don't need an excuse to run... or wine... but the shirt is still perfect for me.\\striped cotton-blend throw: I come from the school of thought that one can never have too many throw blankets. Or pillows for that matter. Our house is mainly tile on the first floor and this time of year that means it's cold cold cold. And I prefer to be warm warm warm.\\snake plant: I have one of these and let me tell you, it cannot be killed. I love the way it looks and it's super easy to care for, watering only once a week. Greens can brighten any space and you can always use more house plants. I most definitely would not purchase it online however, it is much more affordable at your local greenhouse.\\apothic red: Okay so this is totally as disposable as candy or flowers but in my opinion, way more fun for all.\\diamond anniversary band: A staple for any gift guide: diamonds. I'm more the type to get a single piece and never take it off... My earrings and necklace have been on my person for a long, long, long, time. But something new that was gifted to me recently was another band to represent Dom's birth. Which I have a total of three of, one per kid. Smart, I say. Can always use another ring to stack on there is my motto.\\home door mat. Hey it has a heart right? So where can you go wrong? If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I already own this and I freaking love it. Just brightens my day seeing it on my stoop.

So hey! Readers! I've partnered with JORD to giveaway a limited quantity of e-gift cards worth $25 each for Valentine's Day! If you've had your eye on one of these watches, be sure to enter to redeem your gift code, they'll be good until the end of March! Entering is easy.... just click here. It will ask for your email address and your favorite JORD watch. Once you hit enter, your code will be emailed right to you. Easy peasey.

So that's my dream list that I've got going on this Valentine's Day season.... One of each please? Maybe? Matt? Bueller?


coffee talk


Have your coffee? Need any creamers in it? Historically I drink my coffee black because: calories. But for Christmas my Stephanie got me these Star Wars themed coffee mates and they were French Vanilla and Italian Creme and well.... That's all she wrote. 

I'm really making an effort though to cut out on the non-water drinks. Okay that's wrong. I am trying to up the amount of water I'm drinking while slowly lowering the amount of Diet Pepsi I drink, which for the record is obscene. This isn't because of weight reasons but because sometimes I black out when I stand up too fast. Not pass out. But my vision goes black. I heard this may help? More water is always good, yeah? For a thousand reasons. I'm over a week into it at this point and I think it's really helping on several fronts.

I don't watch SNL anymore but have you seen this clip? I am such a sucker for any time Tina Fey impersonates Sarah Palin. Truly. It makes me giggle.

Life has just been all sorts of hibernation-like recently. Part blizzard and part lack of things to do I suppose. It's always smart after the hectic end of the year to just take some time and just be. To chill, as it were. We've been staying in and playing and watching tv and nesting a bit too obviously. 

Letty had her conference at school a few weeks ago... It really went in a direction we weren't expecting and I guess we should have a bit? She's stubborn that one and a lot of her evaluation she just didn't bother answering, or pretended she didn't know. We think. So we have been working even more diligently with her. Trying to explain consequences... Quizzing her on every little thing without it appearing that we are... Rewards for any breakthrough, etc. Finding new ways to get her to listen to letters and heck maybe even sing along. These videos were a good find for her, though time will tell if she actually learns from them. Anyways it was heavy and unhappy and I am sure there will be more but ah lesson learned! No child is just like their mama when it comes to learning!

On a happier note, you know who has the best job, like ever? Matt Bellassai. Getting drunk at your desk and complaining about stuff? Dream job. 

Speaking of dream jobs...At what age do you think it's ok to leave kids at home alone? Because I have these grand plans of getting some sort of job at a local college later in life so my children can (and will because I'll make them and yes they will commute, easy as that right?) go for free. All in high school? Goodness. Working again! I have many many feelings about that. So let's just agree that all three need to be in high school and that's just far off so let's not discuss again right?

I want Joanna Gaines to come and redo my entire house. Top to bottom. HAVE AT IT. Joanna. Maybe I'll need that job after all to pay for her services..... hashtag nope. But I have at least two new house plants coming my way that I ordered from Home Depot of all places... Maybe that'll make me feel like I'm Joanna herself?

Anyways.... how about all that snow? And then the rain?


day in the life, 2016


It's been a hot minute since I've done one of these and so here it is. Last Thursday. 

7:00 am: I wake up before my alarm goes off and stumble downstairs for my first cup of coffee. I have a whole two sips before Dom wakes up. I nurse him while I finish the cup.... Right by the fire because mornings here are cold. 
8:00 am: Matt is on kid duty while I head down to the basement for my morning run. Forty-five peaceful minutes of just me and Jeff Lewis. A slow and steady three ish miles.
9:00 am: I finished up my run. Matt has fed the kid's their breakfasts. The big kids are playing in the playroom so I take Dom upstairs to make the beds and get the kid's clothes out for the day. I then shower and get myself presentable. Matt gets the kid's dressed and I call them upstairs for "hair and teeth!" David requires a lift over the gate when we are done. 
10:00 am: I've just put Dom down for his morning nap. Letty's friend from school is coming over for a play date along with her little brother and her mother. We have ourselves some coffee whilst the children wreck the playroom. 
11:00 am: Play date still in full force. These girls and their Shopkins. Mind blown. But of course now Letty needs to have an organizer like this. 
12:00 pm: Lunch for all! I made the big kids clean up the playroom after their friends left by promising post-lunch chocolate. While they were doing that I gathered together their assorted lunches. Dom had a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, and some goldfish. Letty had grapes, yogurt, a cheese stick (dipped in honey mustard, naturally), cheese on wheat crackers and a spoonful of peanut butter. Because she loves pb. David had peanut butter crackers. He's so healthy. And of course my lunch was also whatever I could throw together. I'm down to only one soda a day which is INSANE because I'm an addict but I'm trying.
1:00 pm: Lunch is all cleaned up and chocolate consumed which means the big kid are amped. Loud. Obnoxious. So I put them in my version of separate corners of a boxing ring. David little couch! Letty big couch! And there they sit. Dom and I are in the playroom where he is just destroying all the work his bigger siblings just did in cleaning up.
2:00 pm: Dom goes down for his afternoon nap. Matt holds down the fort and I flee. My first time out of the house in over two days. And it was to go to an eye doctor appointment. I'm such a fun time. I haven't had my eyes checked in literally years sooo. In an effort to be overall more healthy I can cross that off. $103 later I picked out a new pair of glasses that my brother dubbed "hipster". So. There's that. 
3:00 pm: After the eye doctor I was literally within walking distance of Target and I had to get Chapstick. I only had one tube... The situation was becoming dire. While there I of course had to visit the clearance section and when I saw this shirt it was a must. And how about this random assortment of what I bought at Target? Madness. 
4:00 pm: Dom is awake. I officially labeled each and every toy storage bin in the playroom and it is unhealthy how much this pleases me. The kids had played in the snow a bit while I was away and they are relaxing.... iPads and all, while their snow stuff takes a turn in the dryer.
5:00 pm: My sister had the whole family over for dinner and hey. 5 o'clock somewhere right? David is hangry. Letty is whiney. And Dom is needy. It's necessary. 
6:00 pm: She made her honey sriracha chicken and broccoli. Which Dom and I freaking LOVE. He houses this meal and has since he could eat start with people food. I broke my no second helpings thing too. It's that good. Like a party in my mouth.
7:00 pm: Still at Beth's. Moved on to coffee now. Dom is starting to lose his proverbial shiz so we head home around 7:20 pm. I nurse him and plop him into his crib while Matt puts the bigger kids to bed. 
8:00 pm: Kids are asleep and Matt and I head downstairs for our workout. Yes I am still doing two-a-days. Which I love. My night workout is on the elliptical and we watch Flipping Out for 45 minutes. Then it's shower and wine time. 
9:00 pm: Matt chooses the utterly ridiculous Zombieland for viewing. Just jamming out to Who the Bell Tolls and people being eaten. Thumbs up. We probably won't end up watching the whole thing so we don't get the basement all going like we normally would, we just stay in the living room close to our wine source. 
10:00 pm: This movie is still going strong and Matt has the fan on and I'm cold and about to call it a night so. Here we are. Another day in the life in the books. 
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On the chalkboard: It's the month of looooove. Oh my favorite. Except I'm being sarcastic. I don't care much about this holiday. Call it indifference maybe?
Reading: I am loving Game of Thrones. I watched the first season of the show and really could see how amazing it would be, but I don't like to see rape. I mean. Who does. And I have a feeling this show has a lot of rape. But the book so far is exceeding my expectations! And no rape! Yet.

Watching with Matt: Billions is our newest find. We have Downton waiting to be watched as well as Shameless, which is as always, shameless. And always sprinkled in there is Fixer Upper. Love that Joanna Gaines. 

Eating: During the great blizzard our neighbor dropped off three bags of chips. Normally I don't snack. Okay as a rule I don't snack. But I've been munching on these jalapeƱo chips with lunch each day. My taste buds were on fire but I had to get them out of the house! Bad news they are. Be gone with you! My willpower cannot withstand the test of chips in the pantry. I'm not that strong.

Drinking: Water!!! All the water!!!! It's been a little over a week now of 100 ounces a day and well I dig it. 
Planning: I know I've said it many many many times but I am planning on purchasing at least two more of these plants. One for the fireplace, because that black wall could use more green, and one for this basket I have at the top of the stairs. Yeah I said that last year too. This time I mean it. 

Thinking about: Which floor to choose for our kitchen/foyer/powder room/laundry room/Matt's office. It's a real big job but we have just about had it with our current floor. Move on floor. Bringing in bigger and better things.

Watching on treadmill: Flipping Out. That Jeff Lewis man. I just think he's hilarious. Insane. But hilarious. He's about 75% hilarious and about 25% insane. Unless you don't find OCD humorous in which case then he is 65% hilarious and 35% insane. Hee hee.
As I type this: The big kids are up playing in their respective rooms and Dom just wishes he could be a big boy too. 

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the snowiest of weekends


Winter has come. The storm that hit us the other weekend gave us plenty of warning. We stocked up on booze and food and generally prepared to go nowhere and do nothing. It started Friday afternoon, shortening our Fitz Friday just a bit, them leaving shortly after we ate dinner. We were preparing to put the kids to bed when our newly found current neighbors asked if we wanted to pop down for a bit. We figured it would be a quick hello and back to bed but ended up staying for a few hours, carefully driving home the single block in the snow.

The next morning the snow was nearing a foot and whipping and blowing all over the place. Matt snowplowed a bit... We took long tubbies and stayed in our pjs by the fire watching movie after movie. We had hot chocolate and coffee and margaritas and wine. In that order. I decorated for Valentine's Day, such as that is. Basically we ate all the things in all the lands. And it just kept snowing.... and snowing. 

By the time Saturday ended it had almost stopped, totaling in at something like two feet. The next few days were filled with a lot of snow play and attempted sledding and snow painting and lots of neighbor time mixed in between. And poor babies in the snow right? They just cannot move an inch and it's really all very frustrating. So Dominic didn't last too long. We didn't get plowed out again until Monday afternoon, if you could call a single pass with a plow being plowed out. The second time the plow came by it was Wednesday morning! Jonas took us out, hard. Letty didn't go to school the entire week for all very confusing and stupid reasons, not just the snow. All I can say is, thank God for wine. And I've nailed the whole get kids dressed in their snowsuits quickly thing. I had a lot of practice that weekend. Week.

And now it can be May.


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