our final fun day at sea

Our final day at sea started off great! We went to bed the night prior expecting it to be a cold cold day so we were all so happy that it was warm! Enough to get the bathing suits on a final time! We took the kids to the water slides again and Letty even did the green one! As did I! Once was enough for me though!

a final beach day!

This day was much more organized! There was only one cruise ship at port which was huge. This was Freeport... The damage done to this island during the past hurricanes was something to see! Sad, of course! But to actually see it first  hand and not on the news was wild. They have done a lot obviously, but you can see they were hit hard. We got right on to a double decker open air bus and off we went! The driver was incredible informative but goodness did it feel like we were listing to the left the entire drive. No seat belts or windows oh my! My sister and I were a little anxious... and happy to get to the beach!

nassau and blue lagoon island!

Guess what this private island has? Can you guess? A blue lagoon. That is coincidentally my most favorite of shades of blue. And! Dolphins!!!! But first... getting there! After this pretty sunrise!

our time on princess cay!

Princess Cay is on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Try pronouncing that name huh? We ended up botching it and calling it uretha all day. Which is silly. It's such a beautiful island! You tender right off the boat and there are chairs all set up and a bar and food and it's just all prepared for a perfect day of beachy fun! Unfortunately my niece's health had taken a turn for the sick over the night so my brother and his family stayed on board. For the entirety of the cruise. Sick kids on vacation is no beauno! The rest of us headed out with our priority tender time which was just super! These platinum perks just keep on coming!

our new year's eve!

This was also the first formal night of the cruise. I love dressing up on cruises. That's the only place I enjoy it I think. And it was extra special because it was a holiday! Which incidentally, I hope you had a really awesome one! I felt like I was channeling my grandmother this night. The pleats in the skirt of my dress, the peep toe shoes, and of course her very own beaded clutch! I'm sure she would not have been imbibing on New Year's Eve but still. The girls wore their matching dresses and Harrison looked so stinking cute in his top hat! He even gave me multiple kisses this night. That boy. Has. My. Heart.