the mess never bothered me anyway

I am not one to let go. One can never call me Elsa. I would prefer my children to be seen and not heard. To speak when spoken to. To keep both feet firmly planted on the ground. To have them never be dirty or trip and fall and tear the knee of their pants. Am I stopping kids from being kids? Maybe. Okay probably. Not that I can stop them from being noisy and rambunctious because believe me, I try. Every single moment of every single day. 

It was never quite apparent to me just how much I may be hindering their childhood than the other night after a rainy day inside when I caved and finally allowed them to use the finger paints Nonna had thoughtfully sent home weeks ago. 

These strange paints were at first met with some hesitation. And where are the paintbrushes Letty queried? I tried to explain that finger paints are created for use with fingers. Both children were quite alarmed that I removed their clothes beforehand... but I mean let's be honest. Rome wasn't built in a day. 

Once the first tentative touch was complete the sheer joy in the room was palpable. And the painting commenced. I personally think David quite enjoyed the radio silence on the front of his mother as he rubbed himself down with hands full of paint. Letty just couldn't get over his actions. 

Letty seemed to be unaware that more than one finger at a time could play in the paint. I had to assure her that it was in fact meant for that. Which made me feel a bit badly but also kind of proud that she is a rule follower, albeit the rules being my crazy ones. She tried it out with one color only to be astonished that she could then mix the colors. She asked me after dipping her hand in the blue... And now the red? AND the yellow? The mouth hanging open in genuine surprise... yes. All the colors. At. The. Same. Time.

Like I said. I think I may be hindering their creative juices with some of my regime. 

And do not be alarmed. Matt held David at arm's length up to the tubby where he was unceremoniously removed of all paint. Shortly followed by his sister. Not a splinter of my home was damaged in be making of this post. 



lemme tell you why i'm mad.

Does anyone remember the Mad Rapper? Notorious B.I.G.? If you click on that link be prepared for some foul language... foul language that always made me snicker. That Mad Rapper... he's just so mad. So with that in mind let's talk pet peeves. 

- Closed roads with no forewarning and no detours. The nerve. How hard is it to tell me that one of the two ways out of my development will be randomly shut down off and on for weeks? And then how am I supposed to get where I need to go? Cell phone usage while driving ain't exactly safe.

- The leisurely Sunday driver. Hey I see you up there. Looking left. Looking right. Driving straight. Looking left again.....

- Bible pushers. It's not that I don't appreciate what you're trying to do. Or the rationale behind it. I just think there are more than one way to skin a cat so to speak. Think of the audience. And maybe just be the person you are trying to convert the other into. Be an example. Don't push.

- People who chew with their mouth open. It took me years to break Matt of this habit. It must be in their DNA because Letty is such an offender. It's like she is my own personal tormentor at dinner time.

- Machine gun texters. I understand there may be a time or two where this could happen accidentally, Autocorrect I'm looking at you. Bane of my existence that autocorrect. But when I'm leisurely examining Instagram and I flip back over to my messages and have 7 messages from you in 60 seconds? Nope. I'm exhausted.

And before I go and offend everyone I know I'm leaving. For a leisurely Sunday drive on this Wednesday. Chewing with my mouth open for all the world to hear.

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episode iv: happy hauntings returns

Happy Hauntings comes but once a year. For three spooky weekends that is. This weekend past was the first of the three. Most of the same rides are open, there are corn stalks everywhere, and it is a bit chillier. They have a Trick-or-Treat Trail available where the kids get a few choice pieces of candy and the parents can get one. Piece. This year the Trail was back through Exploration Island and the costumes were more cutesy than scary. And the dinos also got in on the fun. Which was cute. Lots of cute.

Letty surveyed her dress up station prior to departure and deemed it to be a Sofia the First day, complete with Sofia shirt and matching socks. David took one look at the available boy's dress up items and ran for the door with an emphatic no. I brought his conductor hat... but he decided to be a conscientious objector. Going to be a great Halloween yes? 

It was pretty busy for the Olsens, so we didn't stay too long. Just enough to go on a few of our favorite rides and hightail it out of there with Red Robin on the brain. Maybe we will make it back for a night-time viewing. Spooky at night, that Happy Hauntings.

Last year's first Happy Hauntings visit here.



it's frozen!!!!!!

Frozen on Ice, that is. Many months ago, not long after we moved into the new house, my father purchased three tickets to see this spectacle of Disney wonders for my mother, myself, and Letteria. We have been counting down ever since. Last Thursday evening was finally the evening and Thursday day was quite possibly the longest day I have ever spent with my daughter. As follows:

Is it time for D go nigh nigh?
Can I wear my Anna dress?
What time is it?
How many more minutes?
Can we have tubby now?
Where is Nonna?
What time is it?
How many more minutes?
Can we pllllleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase leave now?

And so on and so forth. Letty decided on Anna dress, Anna hair, but Elsa doll, because Elsa is her favorite (even though we do have the Elsa dress and I can do the Elsa hair...Details. I'm glad she chose the Anna dress though because 98% of the other girls were in Elsa. Way to be you Letty.).

The hours of 2-4 p.m. were particularly hard with a time check every five minutes. But we pushed through and our departure time arrived and off we went to get our Nonna and our dinner and then to the Giant Center. Where we waited. Again. Doors don't open till 6 p.m. after all. Just enough time for me to wonder if we may be trampled... or if the entire world owns an Elsa dress... or how much in fact would I be willing to spend on one of those Elsa dolls? The answer to that last question is not the $36 advertised price.

And then they opened up the gates (see what I did there?)! We found our way calmly to our oh so special seats directly on the ice (thank you Poppop), where we waited some more. It was cold down there. It is time for the flip-flops to be retired till Spring, I am aware. Nonna treated Letty to a very magical wand, complete with two year warranty! And then the questions began again. How many more minutes? What time is it? Etc. There is only so much emoticon texting to her father that a four year old can survive when Frozen is involved. Am I right?  

I just loved the opening sequence. So many princesses, and many of our favorites, came skating out and stood right in front of us. You could smell the sweat!

And then it began. What we had been waiting for for months. Every little girl in the entire United States of the Americas dream... Apparently.

Seeing her face was pretty much the most exciting thing for me. She takes her Frozen very seriously. And after our disappointment at not meeting them in Disney in the Spring I'm just thrilled she got to see them so up close and personal.

Hearing the thousands of little girls singing Let It Go was honestly the coolest thing. I could have done without the literal screams of crazed fans, but hey. Frozen is The Beatles of this generation. Looking around the room seeing nothing but Elsa dresses and blinking lights... through the snow? Yup. They put on a good show. And that snow monster!

Letty went to bed singing Frozen and woke up singing Frozen. She said she even dreamt of Frozen. And who can blame her? Thank you so so much to my parents for treating us to this. The things memories are made of.



farm show in manheim

The Farm Show in Manheim. It comes but once a year. This year, living only down the street from it, we popped by numerous times for quick visits. There are your tractors. Your corn kernel tables... your animals... your fair food. It's also a lovely opportunity to run into old teachers and past classmates who you haven't seen nor spoken to in 13 years. Which if you are like me is more likely to bring on anxiety than any other emotion. I prefer day time visits to night time visits any day of the week. And those vanilla milkshakes? I've had three. I even shared. My niece found the Farm Show to be just so-so. There is always next year! But let's not rush it. I've kind of had my fill of corn kernel tables and tractor climbing for.... ever.

And as always, last year's visit to the farm show found here.


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