walnut run farms yet again

The parent time continuum continues on! Wasn't it just yesterday that we did this same field trip? Just with a slightly different stage of actors? Well it was just yesterday. Except today I remembered to wear my boots and bring my camera. 

I did some hard core class dynamics research.  I was analyzing relationships and groups and you name it, I was judging. This class has a bunch of rambunctious boys that have been utilizing the time out chair apparently.... There is a girl who barely speaks. There is a girl who barely stops speaking. There are three girls who cannot stand next to each other without touching each other. And then there is Letty. And a friend or two. I suppose she will be alright in the end. Or so everyone tells me. 

But the field trip is the reason I was able to undergo all this research. They learned about feed and milking and baby calves and then were rewarded with an ice cream sandwich. Which after witnessing all that fecal matter I just kindly declined...

Just like last year right? Sniff.



little red riding hood's first birthday

My youngest niece is celebrating a certain first birthday this week and her mama themed the party all around Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf being their dog, naturally. 

The rain kept the party inside, which was all the better to see their newly finished basement with my dear. The kids spent the majority of the time down there with various parental support. There was a chili bar as well as all manner of accouterments in the kitchen and an adorable red and gold number for the guest of honor. That little one-dimpled beauty got quite spoiled, as she should. So happiest of birthdays Mikayla Rae!!! And thanks for having us Rob and Ash!!

I maintain the above look is a look of love and affection. 

Mikayla's day of birth here.



updated fall shots around these parts

I know the leaves have not quite fully turned yet but at the risk of missing an opportunity with healthy kids and decent weather I grabbed the family and my sister and ran to our friendly neighborhood rail trail last week to grab an updated family shot.... so... thanks Beth! We were able to get them in before the rain came back and everyone for the most part cooperated! No meltdowns! And while she was there and wearing the very same romper (found here at Carter's) that Letty had on we of course had to take some of her as well. We will definitely have to try again another day when my other niece Mikayla can make it! But at least I got some good family ones now, while I could. And how about Dom and a hat!? 

Last year's pictures here. And before that here.




Dominic, aged 9 months: The days of seeing these slowly thinning-out thighs are leaving us I think... I spent my Sunday going through the boy's clothes (just look at what I made David wear!) and seeing what fit and who it fit... which in my defense I just did like, a month ago... but apparently they both grew or something? Baby socks and bibs and burp clothes were all packed away along with pants and onesies and I'm trying my very best to not dwell on that.

David, aged 3 years: The poor unfortunate soul. I had really been banking on his lack of diaper to help me out here with getting just a little wear out of some of these pants but no... alas... he has grown and the diaper (or lack there of) has little to no affect on the matter. And this shirt! Whoops. It's a struggle of mine since the dawn of the Fitz Clothing Gift. Which really comes down to our kind Fitzs giving us their children's clothes and we just try as much as we can, to thank them profusely. So many beautiful things... and me so unwilling to move each kid up a size. Not because of lack of options no, but because it's the end of an age. And I try and drag it outtttt. I've been doing it for years. Just ask my mother. Why is it bad that David is wearing size 18 month shorts??? WHY?!

Letteria, aged 5 years: However, Letty is on to me now. She sees those bags coming home and she is all OH! can I wear that tomorrow please! And sometimes she can and sometimes she can't, as Avery does have two years on her, or this purple Halloween number that was meant for a certain month of the year...Only. She's worn it twice this weekend (I washed it in between, don't worry). Being just like her Avery makes her just the happiest.

Past weekly shots here.



apple pie bites

As our final act in our fall filled weekend we went to the kitchen once more to make these apple pie bites that Kerri had heard about. She did most of the heavy lifting while I did such difficult things as peeling apples. And the majority of these photos? Taken by Letty herself. And I must say she's getting quite good wouldn't you agree?
1 store-bought pie crust
1 apple (peeled and chopped)
2 tablespoons melted butter (or if you are Kerri double that)
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp cinnamon

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. If you have parchment paper this would be a good time to line the baking sheet but alas, we do not, so we just used cooking spray. Combine the sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl. This is where Kerri added the butter which she shouldn't have but it sure was tasty so who's to say this is a problem? Not this girl. 

Cut up the pie crust into roughly three inch squares on a floured surface. Brush the squares with the melted butter. Sprinkle (or in our case spread) the cinnamon sugar mixture on each square and then add a bit of the chopped apple. Then sort of fold the square into a dumpling shape, pressing the edges till it seals. Then top with more butter and more cinnamon sugar and bake for 8-10 minutes.  

And now for Letty's fantastic photos!

As a rule lately I eat zero desserts but I had to make an exception for these little guys. And it was worth the cheat, it truly was.

Oh and of course the resident photographer, as taken by Kerri.


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