bumpgate. week 26

26 weeks. You saucy minx you. I'm almost to the third trimester and that is really just coming up sooo very quickly. Before you know it Dom will be running towards his preschool classroom and I'll be sitting in the van all alone with a bottle of red. Wait what?

Boy/girl, girl/boy| There is a very proud and very confident young boy inside there. When we found out the gender Matt didn't send a photo of his face around to his brothers, he sent around a photo of the anatomical portion. Boys. Oh what fun I have in store for my future. 

The icks| I don't eat a lot. At meal time I should say. Mostly just one helping and less on the meat and more on the starch side of the track. And I mean. Yum.

The LB's| My last appointment got a grimace from my nurse practitioner but I maintain that was just coming off the holiday weekend and one too many helpings of mac and cheese. Because that's something I cannot say no to. Even though I know it hurts me. But I checked again and again since then and I'm up 10 pounds. I don't think that's horribly bad do you? No.

The eats| Iced Tea. Does that count as an eat? No I'm quite sure it doesn't. But I just love it. With Letty it was Snapple. With David I just don't remember what it was.... and now I'm back to tea. I like to eat chips too. See aforementioned grimace from the nurse eh? I blame the Utz Factory.

The movings around happening on the inside| There is a lot going on in there. Dom and I bond. No hiccups to be found but just plain movement. Letty felt him kick which was pretty amazing to see, as she could have cared less about her other brother and belly movement. People can see my stomach move which is always quite entertaining.

On the nesting front| All the nesting. All the organizing. All the cleaning. It's happening all around. Partially it's nesting and partially it's all a defense mechanism for the loss of my eldest a few mornings a week. I get a lot done though. That's for sure. The nursery is totally done. All of David's clothes are unpacked and organized by type/size (did you expect anything less?) for Dominic. I have been experimenting with a new cleaning schedule... one that has stood the test of time through two other children and a move.... but I think what it's turning in to will suit me best. 




a fall potpourri. with apples!

I've had this on my fall bucket list for two years running. And after picking the apples I finally made myself do it. It was quite easy and I'm sure I'll be making many of these for the different seasons coming up in the very near future.

- one orange peel
- on apple cut and chopped (peel on)
- cinnamon sticks (I used three because they were rather stocky but short, so use your judgement)
- 1 tablespoon of whole cloves
- 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
- 1 tablespoon of almond extract (which to the horror of horrors I ran out of during the course of this brewing. I audibly gasped. As you all know, I love almond.)
- 1.5 cups of water

I put everything in the smallest pot I had on low heat and done. The lovely odor wafting from my kitchen is enough to warm even the most frigid of hearts. As the liquid evaporates just add enough to cover the contents of the pot.

I turn off the oven when the kids go to sleep and refrigerate it over night. This way it lasted a wee bit longer.  Day 5 and going strong. It just doesn't look as nice anymore.



tall square planters | a diy tale

I often walk around my neighborhood and stalk. I see what people are doing to the outsides of their homes and look at their landscaping and what not. One of my neighbors had these nice tall square planters that just looked very regal in my opinion. And just like Ms. Veruca Salt I wanted it. And I kind of wanted it now. 

I googled. Cha-ching. Those planters are no joke. I thought perhaps I would luck out with an end of summer sale but no. So as with most things I took to Pinterest and my Handy Matty. I showed Matt what I was thinking of and he did a bit of research himself and decided he could handle it.

Enter Matt to explain a bit more including technical stuff:
Ok I am going to be honest. I put this project off for a couple days (unbeknownst) to my wife just to try and wrap my head around these things. I knew they went for over $120.00 a piece and I sure as hell knew I wasn't going pay that. Them being smaller at the bottom and larger at the top had my brain going even into the early hours of the morning. But finally around 3:26 a.m. I had an epiphany - just cut the plywood 8" at the bottom and 11.5" at the top and attach the 2x2's to them and that was it. So so so easy. No mitre saw or angle cuts needed.  We decided to make them 30 inches tall but you could obviously do whatever you wanted there. They only cost $50.00 for BOTH of them. Score!

Oh. And in between coats on the planters he painted this as well. And by this I mean the garage door. He just can't help himself.



the apples called. we answered.

I think this is the last fruit picking expedition of the year. I think. Like last year I dragged my mom somewhat willingly down to Cherry Hill Orchards, and this year I got to drag along my sister and my niece as well. She loved it. LOVED.

It felt like Fall in the air. It was gray and sort of chilly. And we did what one does when at an orchard. We picked apples. Not a ton mind you because no one else actually wanted the apples but me. David was allowed to roam free and roam he did. He picked his first fruit and seemed to quite enjoy the experience. Throwing them as hard as he could into the box of already chosen apples.

We visited the store like last year, but as we went picking a bit earlier the store wasn't quite ready for us. There were hardly any pumpkins and not too many mums. I know. Schade. I did however hit up the local Mennonite store for my own hardy mums later on that day. Letty sampled her very first apple cider and promptly asked her Nonna to buy some for her. She is such a polite vision of decorum isn't she?

When we got home I immediately set to work making all sorts of apple concoctions. First and foremost was apple cake. Yes I realize that link takes you to a peach version of it but apple is my favorite of the cakes.

I got a bit carried away with all my apple stuff but hey. My kitchen has never smelled better.

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whoopie pie festival

Last Saturday was the Whoopie Pie Festival. Which from here on out just assume I am pronouncing like Stewie pronounces Wheat Thins. Whhhhhopie. And so on.

I found it on the google and I thought it was perhaps a "Fall" thing to do which let me just say it was most certainly not Fall here. It was 90 degrees that day. Just giving Kerri a taste of home. I think the most exciting thing about this festival was my driving theatrics and uphill battle in a minivan. Let's just say she can handle anything that van. And don't test me. My New York starts to show when all the tourists come around and mix with the Amish buggies and just... no.

It was a fair basically. Crafters. A bounce house. There was apparently games for kids like throwing things and races but the heat was oppressive and it was more of a snatch and grab job. Snatch the Whoopie Pies and run. They had over 188 flavors of Whoopie Pie. We settled on vanilla with buttercream, chocolate with peanut butter, and chocolate chip. They  had adult pies too somewhere but it was like they were heating that tent so we left as soon as could.

The Great Scare occurred within that tent as well. The Great Scare? Yes. I looked down at my camera only to see it was somehow magically reformatting my memory card. I started going to a very dark place somewhere along the lines of ruining Letty's entire life by losing her first day of preschool pictures... it kind of ruined the festival for me. When we got home Matt took the computer and somehow using the power of technology was able to retrieve all of the missing photos. I was so happy he got a hug.

I came. I saw. I ate my pie. And next year I'm staying away from here unless it is in the 70's.

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