david's friend party!

You guys. We made it. To the end of the birthday posts for David. To think that I'll be doing this again in what, a week (?) for Letty just makes me want to hide. I'm sure you feel me on that. Okay so last year I let David have some friends over to swim and play and all but a few were busy. So. I made sure to text/Facebook message all the moms I could before school was even out so this poor kid could have more friends attend. Even with that far warning quite a few still couldn't make it. Summers are hard. Anyways! Thankfully the rained passed and the sun came out and a party was had!

david's sixth birthday party

David's birthday celebrations continue! This time with a little family gathering! You know, only the essential personnel.... Tallying up somewhere in the 18 people range or some such thing. Which is just the way I'd have it! I let the kids pick a "theme" which basically comes down to what paper products I buy (yes Matt that still should be a thing) and David chose baseball. Shocker!

field hockey girls, assemble!

Oh these field hockey girls! I've decided that I love them. They are such a good bunch of little ladies and their momma's are such a good bunch of momma's and I like to pretend that they will be friends forever. Or at least through high school. That can be thing right? Just look at them all on their last day of summer hockey camp!

david's actual birthday

I love my kids. I really do. But David's birthday was the birthday that never ended (this is the birthday that never ennnnnds, it just goes on and on my friennnnnnds). You're welcome for that, I'll have you know. But seriously. This birthday! We started it off the beginning of the week with friends celebrating... and then there was his actual birthday.... and then parties! So here we are. Starting it off with his actual day of  birth, which was Wednesday.

michaux state forest

When we were driving home from Sheandoah and much (relatively) closer to home I took to google maps to see what mountain range I was seeing here in PA. Which ended up being part of Michaux State Forest. I have been pestering Matt ever since to go back there but as it's over an hour and a half you can understand his feet dragging just a bit. But as I mentioned the other day he had off work so! What else should one do on a Thursday when one's husband is home free! Travel to hike and see nice views!