Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all who serve and have served! We salute you! Exclamation point!

Dominic, aged 23 weeks: That cute little polo number up there didn't make it through the day... More often than not when I get him dressed nice he jumps until he has a blowout everywhere. Maybe I should start double bagging him. Ha!

David, aged 2 years: We took this grumpy little boy to the doctor's office last week where he was diagnosed with seasonal allergies. The poor dear. A nose spray and a prescription for Zyrtec later here we are. Awaiting our happy David's return. 

Letteria, aged 4 years: I swear this child is growing literally over night. Her appetite has increased like no other. I'll see her standing somewhere and do a double take... Like wait a sec your head isn't supposed to be up that high. Legs. For. Days. 

Past weekly shots here.



how to age metal in a few hours

Instagram has been all a flurry lately with the great finds at Target's Dollar Spot. Mainly, metal olive buckets and metal jugs for only $3 a pop. I was lucky enough to snag a few but like a lot of people, I wanted them to look not quite so shiny new and perhaps a wee bit more rustic. I know. The word rustic coming out of my mouth is momentous in and of itself. According to several sources on Instagram, mainly Laurie, all I needed was bleach and vinegar and water. Long story short, it worked!

I bravely went where I had never gone before. And I called it science. Here is what I was working with before hand. Practically mirror quality...

I can tell you what I did and I can tell you what I learned so you can do it better, si?

I poured an entire jug of white vinegar in my sink. Followed immediately by a cup of bleach. I then filled the rest of my sink with water until I could totally submerge my three items. I dropped in one olive bucket just to test. I had read it should take 15-20 minutes. Now I used a lot of water to fill up the sink so perhaps it was too diluted? It took closer to an hour for me to start seeing results. 

This is the only photo I took of the process because I don't know. The bucket on the left had been in one hour. The other two had been in about 40 minutes at that point. 

By a little shy of the three hour mark I was happy with the way they looked and removed them. 

What I learned:
Add the bleach last, once the sink is filled. The smell of the vinegar and bleach together was awful  and made my eyes burn. Apparently I am told this is chlorine gas. Whoops. 

Along the same lines, do it outside. Hell, do it in a bucket! My sink had a dark line right above the water the entire way around and as my sink is white this was worrisome. Thank you Magic Eraser!

Wipe the object down with a cloth prior to putting into liquid. And then don't touch it again. I found where I touched it the metal didn't change. You can see my random fingerprints around. I have no idea why this is, I don't do science good. But it just is. 

Don't wipe it down when you remove it. This removes some of the darkened look I was going for. I simply placed the objects on a nasty old towel, touching them as little as possible and let them air dry. No black stuff on my fingers afterwards. 

I did not sand. I did not use steel wool. I literally just let them soak. 

Annnnnnd.... Letty had fun watching the bubbles coming up off the metal. 

Not bad for a $3 item and a jug of vinegar am I right?



coffee talk with laurie richman

Do you remember those SNL skits with Mike Myers, Coffee Talk with Linda Richman? Well I can assure you I'm not wearing shoulder pads or faux nails but pull up a chair just the same and join me in this stream of consciousness as I sip my iced coffee.... because that's a thing for me now. Back in the fall when we used to get free coffee from Dunkin when Penn State won I turned my nose up to this wonderfulness but now that I've had one?! I'm fairly certain they put crack in there because my mouth starts to water when anyone says the word iced. I've started trying to make them at home, not that they are the same thing, because they are not, but I stumbled across these fun recipes and hey! why not!?

First up happy birthday mom! We are all looking forward to terrorizing that nice calm restaurant you chose for dinner tonight.This will be the first time in forever since all the babies and cousins will be out in a public place for a meal.... it'll be a good reminder of how crazy Disney will be in the fall. We may need to reassess our just made dining reservations and make them all for lunch. Or outside. Or during nap time. Anyways happy birthday mom and I love you!

We watched the Imitation Game recently and I have never seen Mr. Cumberbatch act and I decided I quite like him. And that movie. Speaking of watching lately, last week's episode of Outlander was all promoted as being awful and scary and unlike anything seen here to fore and I was legitimately afraid. I sat with my second glass of wine and my finger on the remote ready to fast foward at a moment's notice. But no. I'm not saying it was candy canes and gum drops but it was not something that gave me nightmares later. The book was much, much worse.

If you watch The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and you happen to watch the ending credits you may have seen my cousin get her baby bump kissed my Jimmy himself. That baby is famous before he even starts! Some bellies get all the luck.

I've become a full on rustic wanter as of late. My mother is thrilled, I'm sure. I really want a dough bowl for our dining room table but I'm shocked to see just how very expensive those things can be! The large ones are several hundred dollars. Thankfully I don't want an antique, otherwise I'm sure they would be charging my first born or my dominant arm. I'm also in the market for something new to hold all our kitchen utensils because that Pampered Chef one just doesn't cut it. Perhaps a large crock? Something ceramic? Oh Pottery Barn here I come for ideas... Next month's budget includes a line item for a new snake plant for this basket from Target that I am thinking it needs. All in favor say aye?
I went to this Hipster Yard Sale last weekend because I was quite intrigued by the whole idea of it all. What is a hipster even? I'm aging myself constantly. I got a few books to add to my collection. Books which I solely judged based on their cover and decor purpose and paid no heed to the content or title. My mother walked away with Christmas ornaments and hooks. My sister walked away with nothing but her daughter. Eclectic. That's the right word for it.

I bought David cheapo underpants because as we are approaching his third birthday I think perhaps the time has finally come to bite the bullet and batten down the hatches and all other cliched idioms and potty train that boy. I'm at a complete loss for knowledge of this uncharted territory. Boys and their urinary habits.. Not my forte. Prepare yourself for many useless and mind-numbing updates coming your way in the near (maybe) future.
Letty got all these new books from her preschool for summer on top of the ones we won (!) and this infusion is necessary. The books get old after a time yes? I'm particularly enjoying the Moostache one.

I'll leave you with that most useless fact as my coffee has now been drank and my children have now finished up their fifth episode of Paw Patrol for the day.... 

So why is Rhode Island neither a road, nor an island? Discuss.



faux metal eat sign

I found these wooden letters at Target for $3.99! Pretty much the cheapest diy eat sign ever. Right?
I spray painted them silver...

Then I sprayed them flat brown but from a distance away, the more random the better.

And then I dry painted them with black, focusing on the edges and the corners.

These letters did not have any way to hang them already so I just used the same blue putty I used for my gallery wall to hang these. And I love it! Matt can't wrap his head around how we need more things in the house and on the walls.... to which I query, why does he not give in already? This has been going on for ten years!

Anyways. The end!



in the past decade

May 19, 2005.
On that date a decade ago, I had just celebrated my college graduation. I didn't walk at the ceremony, instead I chose to stay back at my house with my family and with Matt and enjoy wine and not be bored out of my mind. I had a degree in Digital Communications. I had a minor or two that to be honest, I'm not even sure if it was business, design, or computer programming... but there were two of them. I had been jumping around at a local public broadcasting station from position to position trying to nail a full-time one with benefits, which had actually just pulled through. I would be their Human Resources/Special Events Coordinator. I took it with the hopes of transitioning just to Special Events eventually, but was perfectly alright with anything because I loved the company and loved loved loved my coworkers. 

Matt and I had been dating since the past October and were about to take our first solo road trip all the way up to Down East Maine for five days, where it rained and rained and rained. My parents gave me my first iPod as a graduation present and I spent hours the evening before the trip loading it up with all my favorite mp3s. 
I lived at home with my parents and my younger brother and sister and my cat Rocco. I had very solid plans to marry Matt, and was (im)patiently awaiting my proposal. I spent most of my evenings going out to bars with my girlfriends and Matt, eating appetizers and just still enjoying the fact that I could drink legally, as I had only been 21 since the past August.

May 19, 2015. 

Here a decade later I look at that Laurie and the Laurie I am now. I can compare the priorities. The lifestyle. The interests. I can compare who she spent her time with. Some friends stayed and some friends left. I met new people who I can't imagine my life without. I think of all that Laurie has done or been through since May 19, 2005. The prompt from Belinda is to list ten things I've accomplished in the past decade, so I'll keep it as such!

2. Beat infertility (twice)
3. Birthed three children (1, 2, 3)
4. Bought our first home. And our second home.
5. Traveled to Italy, the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, The Bahamas, Bermuda and Disney a bunch of times.
6. Started running! I used to dread running. Loathe it. Now I run multiple 5k's a year and even did a Half Marathon!
7. Become an occasional Martha Stewart wanna be. I tried my hand at cooking and gardening, but mainly I enjoy more of the decor and diy side of Martha. And that's okay!
8. Okay sorry to any male readers but breastfeeding Dom as long as I have is an accomplishment to me.
9. Read every Harry Potter book. Finally!
10. Started this little blog here. It may not be much, but an accomplishment it shall be to me.

I'm linking up with Belinda as part of her Blog Everyday in May challenge. Which I'm clearly not doing. But I may join in a time or two should the mood strike...

Found Love. Now What?


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