Dominic, age 2 years: I had to chase this peach of a little man around the house with my camera for at least ten minutes before I got one where he wasn't screaming at me. He took one look at the camera and screamed bloody murder. But hey! He slept in till seven yesterday which hasn't happened in a few months now so yay! Scream during the day so long as you sleep past 4:45 a.m.!

David, age 4 years: I finally broke down and bought him jeans. He has been wearing hand-me-downs of Liam's which is marvelous except that he's worn through all the knees. On every single pair. I just know he will put a hole in these before long but for now he looks quite dapper! And I also sort of love how he insists the zipper on his sweater be zipped up to the top. He does that on any pullover with a zipper. Can't be comfortable.

Letty, age 6 years: She requested being photographed on the steps. The things she thinks of. She started attending Wednesday night church this past week, which I've been putting off since the start of the school year. As you all know I'm a stickler for bed times and the clubs run until 8 so..... that was an hour past when she should be in bed. I finally let her go with her girlfriends in the neighborhood and she just loved it and did well getting up the next day... so add that to her social calendar. Maybe I'll even volunteer so I can spy on them?

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our master bedroom redo


My quest to redo the house continues on! To our bedroom, as the post title infers. I had already transitioned to white bedding in the fall (yay!), which was really the gateway drug to the rest of the whole shebang. You can see our original before and after post when we first moved in here.

I fell in love with Liz Marie's bedroom as seen here. I really tried to do my best, right? I had Matt pull out the big guns here, making so much of it for me. And I couldn't be happier with it! Homemade just is the best I think. I may have said that a time or two lately... We didn't paint the walls in this room, but that doesn't mean we didn't paint a lot of other things. We redid the hardware on Matt's dresser, spray painting the brass handles black. I painted the legs and bases of our nightstands and distressed them with sandpaper. I also painted my Grammy's dresser and mirror that are probably somewhere around 70 years old, spray painting the hardware on that piece as well. Matt had painted the headboard sometime in December...
I'd love to link to all the things but unfortunately so much of it is either all home made or things we already owned from forever and a half ago, or my mom gave them to me. The little plants are from Ikea of course, as are the galvanized pots they are in. The white faux fur rug is also from Ikea. The table lamps are from Walmart and I can't get over the price on these! I may be getting more for other areas in the house (sorry Matt). Our duvet cover can be found at Target here and it is actually on sale right now, 10% off with code HOMESTOCKUP till the 21st. The candlesticks were either from my Grammy or from The Home Decor Warehouse that I painted white and distressed with sand paper. The giant glass jugs are from Matt's days of olde as a wine maker. The books were just hardcover books I covered in brown construction paper...The "We still do" sign I painted myself. All the assorted baskets were given to my by my mother. The shelf and window frames were all created by Matt, as was the pallet headboard... The ivy wreaths my mother made with some spare ivy she had lying around. The curtains I made myself and I explain that here.

So that's it! I'm really enjoying the way this room is lightened up now. It was so dark before. What are your thoughts?


letty vs. siri 6.0


L: Siri how old are you?
S: I don't see why that should matter.
L: Siri I want to know how old are you?
S: Well the humans have certainly aged me, that's for sure.
L: Are you five?
S: No comment, Letty.

L: What is your favorite ice cream Siri?
S; Who, me?
L: Yes you what is your favorite ice cream?
S: I'm sorry Letty I can't answer that.
L: That's not fair.
S: I'm not sure I understand.

L: Do you go in hotels?
S: I've never really thought about it.

L: Do you have children.
S: Only biological entities have children. So far.
L: What are you?
S: I'm Siri. Here to help.
L: We know what your name is Siri.
S: My name is Siri. But you knew that already.
L: Yes I did know that already.
S: I'm not sure I understand.

L: What is your favorite kind of popcorn?
S: Hmm. Here's what I found on the web for 'can the Packer land.'
L: What is your favorite flavor popcorn.
S: That one. No, that one. OR maybe that one. Yep, that one.

L: What is your favorite pizza?
S: I'm fine with whatever you chose.
L: Do you like pepperoni or cheese?
S: I'd rather not say.

L: We have three children and Dom is the youngest and he's always yelling.
S: should be able to answer that question, and more.

L: What does your kitchen look like?
S: I don't really like talking about myself, Letty.

L: Siri do you know any about Canada?
S: Alright, here's what I found.

L: Have you ever been to New York City?
S: Okay. Give me a moment. Here's what I found on the web for 'how to arrange New York City.'

L: Do you have any friends?
S: Sometimes I talk to myself. It's a bit circular.
L: Do you have any friends?
S: I have you.
L: I love you Siri.
S: Oh, stop.
L: My mommy loves you too.
S: Who, me?

L: Can you tell me a joke? 
S: The past, present and future walk into a bar. It was tense.

Past Siri conversations here!


diy large wood letters


Have I mentioned we are redoing our master bedroom? Well. We are. There is a large wall opposite our bed that we have never touched. There was a painting of a magnolia on that wall when we moved in that the previous homeowners left and since the colors matched our bedding we just let it go. This was obviously no longer going to suffice. 
I took the framed photos of my family on their various wedding days and moved them from above the bed to across from the bed. And then I had Matt make me a giant M and a giant L. And I do mean giant. They are something like a foot wide by three feet high. Go big or go home.
Matt went to Home Depot and got a large piece of plywood. I just penciled on the letters based off of a "serif font" search on Pinterest to find the ones I liked best. It was actually easier to draw them on than I thought. I just used a yard stick. The vertical lines are the width of two yard sticks, the horizontal/diagonal ones are only one yard stick width. That's really all I did, just making sure that I had my yardstick level and all that. 
Matt then took my dad's jigsaw and sawed away. Followed by a sanding and then two coats of spray paint in a satin black. We used the same hangers we use on a lot of our homemade signs on the back so it could hang on the wall.
And done! What do you guys think? Matt wagers it cost less than $10 to make our very own custom letters (it's hard to tell when I've got him making all sorts of things all sorts of the time). I love homemade things and well hey, if they are cheap I love them even more! I think they are perfect for our bedroom!


this weekend past


This past weekend come Friday afternoon I took great happiness in literally throwing the lunch boxes in their cabinet. Good riddance until Monday afternoon!

This past weekend we celebrated our good friend Mark's birthday with brownies and singing and lots of superhero capes.

This past weekend I made a list of project ideas I had for Matt and he completed them all. He is the Clint to my Joanna. You know, because Joanna just gives Clint a project with a tiny drawing and little instruction and he just gets it. 

This past weekend we left the kids with my parents and went out to celebrate a friend's birthday at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. And she deserves all the celebrating!

This past weekend we had the most delicious Sunday brunch at my sister and brother-in-law's house! There was a french toast casserole and ham and cheese and egg hawaiian sandwiches and I ate my weight in all of it. Woof.

This past weekend we watched six episodes of Outlander.

This past weekend I started a new book, and vowed to finish the other two I have yet to finish.

This past weekend we had pizza with Matt's brother and his family to round out the Sunday.

This past weekend I pretty much didn't take photos commemorating any of the above stuff. And I said to myself, gee Laur... Who are you?!

But I didn't steer too far off course, because I did take a photo of my coffee.....There was plenty of coffee this weekend past.
So photos or not, I was there, and it was a good weekend... this past weekend.

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