our snowy weekend


At first the forecast said that we may see our first snow flurry or two over the weekend... And then it said perhaps a coating to one inch... And then as our Saturday progressed and the snow band didn't move for quite some time it became well you may get six inches (!). Where we live ended up coming in just shy of that mark. When the day first started it was like oh just put on your boots and coats and gloves and play on the deck.... But as the snow fell heavier it became clear the big guns were necessary. The donning on the layers and the snow bibs and the hats and the please lord someone bring down a few beach towels because my floors are getting soaked! We ended up crashing some neighbor's sledding fun down the street and that of course turned into dinner and drinks and a huge long play date. Which really just feels like a snow day right?
Our Sunday found us at my parent's house for brunch followed by lots more sledding and of course the building of our very own snowman! Yes that is a stick for hair because he is Olaf. The kids were so full of giggles and so very rosy-cheeked by the end of it all! There is nothing like that post snow play tiredness that settles over them all once it's said and done.
We just really soaked up every snowy second while we could because as early snows do, they don't last...


cousins in christmas jams!


It should come as no surprise to anyone who has been around here for any serious length of time... but family is like, important to me. Yes, yes, my children of course but more than that I mean. My parents and my siblings and their kids are like my very best of friends and we see them more than the Kennedy's saw their own brood. Multiple times a week. Every week. If we could just but build a compound of sorts I'm sure most of us would agree to move on it together. Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing my kids playing with their cousins and having their cousins just so very close to them in age and geography! It is just wonderful

It is also wonderful that each and every Christmas my sister and my sister-in-law agree to purchasing matching Christmas jammies for all the cousins to have. This year proved to be the most difficult so I'm hoping that doesn't mean this is the last year for it... what with Letty needing an 8 and Harrison needing a 6 month... It was no easy feat! But Beth was not easily shaken and so it happened! I've been keeping my kids out of these for the most part because: white. But that's what drew me to them in the first place? However we finally (I was sick for like a week, nothing crazy here) were all healthy and in the same house at the same time and I put the foot down. It was time to get them all in a frame in the jams.

Anyways. Cousins! And matching Christmas jams forever and ever amen!
We tried to take the party outside for a hot second but Dom refused to sit because "his hiney was cold" and so there you have it Dom. You ruined it for us all.


kitchen kettle village at christmas time and more!


We decided to try something new last weekend and visit a local tourist destination, Kitchen Kettle Village, for some of their festive holiday events. But one cannot drive all the way down into tourist country without a stop at the farmer's market down there... A quick pop inside for some pretzels and some other goodies (with Letty totally channeling her inner Kevin McCallister) before we were on our way to the main event...
We got there a little before my brother and his family so we spent some time dawdling around in a few of the stores before we quite accidentally ran into some carolers. Santa, an elf, Frosty, Rudolph and of course the Kitchen Kettle's very own Gingerbread Man. Lena sang along even though she was the only one of her cousins to do so but the  kids got some treats after each song just the same. My brother and family arrived just in time for a photo with the whole lot of them! We even got Dom up there which is saying something. They gave each kid a gingerbread cookie that we then spent far too much time covering in different colored icing. And the boys even tried them! We wrapped up the visit with a little mozzarella stretching show which while not merry is always welcome because: cheese. I heard there was candy making somewhere there but by this time we were hungry and it was time to head on to real food. Not just samples. Thanks be to my sister for some of these photos too!
And then we move on to lunch. My dad had always wanted to try DJ's Taste of the 50's and so what better time than the present right? David was psyched because he had just recently decided he was to be called DJ now instead of David which alright hold your horses. Luckily we got there before the lunch rush because a party of 12 was pushing it. We all squeezed ourselves around the tables and set to ordering our lunch. The kids meals came in a car. How fun is that?! And the waitress was super awesome and gave all the kids leftover treats from the restaurant's morning with Santa. And balloons! And oh the tragic cry from Elena when hers went floating heavenward.... Letty gladly gave hers up because goodness... breaks your heart, that cry.
Such a wonderful Saturday morning! Sort of impromptu but oh such fun. My mom was missing from this adventure because she was busy prepping her house for the holiday home tour coming the following day... Which was also a good time! Let the festivities reign!


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